Reminder Brazil World Cup 5 consecutive games scoring a total of 15 goals scored punyu

World Cup reminder: prediction and analysis of Brazil for the 5 consecutive game scoring scoring 15 goals [] World Soccer: Peru South American qualifying vs Brazil start time: 2016-11-16 10:15 analysis: FUN88 game ball: 5.60 3.40 1.65 FUN88 the first for the 3.45 Peru 1.67 instant: 5.20?   Peru’s World Cup qualifier away to Paraguay, the team in half play quite bad, even in the early stages of the game was already conceded, but the overall performance of the team after the side with Ramos Flores, take on an altogether new aspect, and Cueva and the opponent’s own goal, eventually to Peru 4-1 reversal opponent.  ?; Peru with play victory, at a critical time to harvest 3 points behind the team, avoid alive preliminaries, the current Peru to record 4 wins and 2 draws and 5 losses ranked in the South Division eighth place, behind only the fifth Argentina 2 points, still have a chance to compete in the qualifying. ?   Peru’s overall strength is not strong, but the team still has a lot of players in the 5 major league, coordinated operation ability, the offensive side road, has a strong ability to break through, with the typical characteristics of American football. The defense in front of expand high closing down, then quickly counterattack. ?   Peru’s star and captain Guerrero individual ability, was the two American Cup Golden Boot striker, the former Bayern striker scored 27 goals for the national team 67 times, the current top scorer.  ? Peru coach is Ricardo a year to create the Argentine Velez Br? Gareca, in March last year as Peru coach, coaching career unbeaten rate 65%.  ?; this game will be available at the Peru home court battle, the team had in the June Copa America improbable victory over the Brazil team, but when the opponent is not sent all the main, with Brazil recently state is extremely hot, I’m afraid this is difficult to stop the opponent in Peru. Brazil?   the last round of World Cup qualifier against Argentina Brazil home court focus of the war, even if the team in possession rate is less than the opponent, but Brazil can often seize the opportunity Coutinho and Neymar assault, the second half goals to help the team 2-0 ahead of his opponent to strengthen the offensive side, but in fifty-eighth minutes of defensive loopholes, Paolini Austria easily scored third goals in the final 3-0 win over rivals Brazil.  ? Brazil team is in this year’s World Cup in round defeat away to accumulate steadily, surrendered to the Chilean team, the Brazil team gradually find the rhythm, after the 8 group phase unbeaten, and scored 26 goals, one rises to the top ranking is a big advantage, qualifying the situation.  ?; the reason why Brazil is such a big change, in addition to Neymar, Marcello, Tiago and return to the Real Madrid defender Silva core team defense, plus Coutinho, Jesus the good state of Brazil team maintained a strong offensive firepower.   in addition to this.相关的主题文章: