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Recruitment! 60 jobs Changsha 12 school teachers supplement the original title: Changsha schools directly under the city Bureau of education teacher recruitment notice according to the provisions of the "vacancy makeup in 2016 Changsha units directly under the Municipal Bureau of education teacher recruitment notice", a total of 60 openings of 12 recruiters need to supplement employment, the relevant matters are announced as follows a supplementary hiring two of the vacancies of recruitment target object of employment for teachers units directly under the Education Bureau in 2016 Changsha recruitment, apply for jobs as the supplementary employment positions, and assessment results of qualified score (80 points) and above (a total of 104 people, please click on the text reading). Three steps 1, registration and qualification examination time: September 22, 2016 (Thursday) morning at 9:00-12:00 13:30-17:302, place of registration: Changsha Education Bureau on the third floor of video conference room (Yuelu District Tea Mountain Road No. 320, east 3, Changjun bilingual school) qualification examination materials (original): "identity card", "certificate", "teacher", "Mandarin certificate", "professional qualification certificate" (this credit limit staff teachers post) and the post requirements of other materials. Assessment approach 1, assessment in September 24th to September 27th in the recruitment of schools, the specific time and place arrangements, assessment scoring standards in Changsha education information network announced on September 20th. 2, the assessment by the interview and try to teach composition, in which sports, sports A post assessment by the interview, try to teach, skill quality test composition; assessment order and the specific content of the assessment on the day of the draw decision. 3, interview, try to teach, skill quality test were scored, out of all 100 points (four house after five to retain the two decimal). 4, the interview time of 3 minutes, try teaching time for 12 minutes, try teaching preparation time for 60 minutes. 5, each of the candidates in the interview after the end of the trial, the skills quality test in the interview after the trial of a unified. 6, interview, try to teach, skill test scores of all the judges score after removing the average of a minimum and a maximum score after the interview, try to teach (skill test) after the end of the candidates to the waiting compartment syndrome, followed by a candidates in the interview candidates try to teach (skill quality test after the end of the interview) to try to teach (skill test) room to receive my interview try to teach (skill test) score report. 7, interview, test results according to the proportion of 2:8 synthesis for examination results, interview, try to teach, skill quality test according to the proportion of 1:5:4 synthesis for examination results. Assessment results in the assessment of the day after the completion of the recruitment website publicity. 8, candidates with valid ID card to participate in the assessment, or can not participate in the assessment; assessment shall not bring any information; failed to arrive at the designated place on time as an automatic waiver. 9, the examination scores of 80 points (inclusive). Examination of qualified personnel of the written examination and examination results by 4: 6 ratio for the synthesis of the total score (two retained four decimal places to five homes, according to the post) supplement hiring plan number, according to the examinee total score from high to low, according to 1: 1 ratio to identify candidates for a medical examination (score)相关的主题文章: