Religion Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. Muslims look toward the western horizon for the new moon on the 29th day of Shaban, the eighth month. If the new moon is sighted, Ramadan has begun with the sunset but fasting begins with the next dawn. If the new moon is not sighted on this 29th day, Muslims .plete 30 days of Shaban and Ramadan begins the following day. What is The meaning of Ramadan and its essence? Why did Allah give us Ramadan? Most of the Non-Muslims when they look at us they see Ramadan as the month of eating, the month of sleeping, and the month of Tarawih. When the month of Rajab and Shabaan arrived Rasoolullah (SAWS) used to say "Allahumma Barik Lana fi Rajab, Wa Shabaan WA Bal lighna Ramadan." Oh Allah (SWT) give us the blessings of the month of Rajab and Shabaan and allow us to reach and keep us alive until Ramadan. Ramadan is the training and rehab center to prepare an individual to be ready for the greater mission and the higher purpose. Whoever passes, he will be elevated and will enter a new phase. This is the challenge all of us have to meet. It is an examination of the belief of Allah’s promise and reward, versus our weakness, temptation, diseases of the heart, material life. Noorofislam.. is all about Islam. This site contains a collection of videos, articles, audios and many other resources on ISLAM. The site is a knowledge center on topics on Islam and you will Inshallah gain good knowledge about various topics on Islam. You can get to know a lot about various topics on Islam by browsing through the videos, audios and IslamStore on the site. You can search for information on various topics like Ramadan, Hajj and Umra, History of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, Marriages in Islam, Peace of Islam, Death and After Life and many more topics. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: