Radio relay eight kind of brother late woman lost, please note govos

Good brother walkie talkie relay: eight days old woman lost, please pay attention to 26 am 1:30, the temperature is only a few degrees. Suddenly, some night duty taxi driver’s walkie talkie sounded a rapid voice: "there is a more than 80 year old woman lost, 1 meters high 4, wearing a hat, we pay more attention to the next street, there is no, the family is worried."……" Originally, Zou Zou, a 80 year old mother of Xindu District, went out for a walk in the afternoon of 25, and never returned home. His anxious family searched the streets and lanes for nothing. Zou Xiansheng held a glimmer of hope and asked the taxi driver who parked the car on the side of the road. The soldier who knew this situation immediately notified the other night shift drivers through the company walkie talkie…… Live in Xindu District on the Cannes Jin Zou mother was 80 years old. On the afternoon of 25, she went out for a walk as usual, but she didn’t come back until 6 p.m.. More than 10 in the evening, can not find Mr. Zou to Linjiang police station. More than 1 in the morning, the family still did not find the elderly. The car drove to Gui Lake Park, Mr. Zou was too anxious to see the roadside parking a taxi, quickly get off and walk past. "Master, my more than 80 year old mother is lost. If you see it, send it to the police station!" Hear this situation, brother Zeng immediately notify the other night shift master through the company walkie talkie. Two people forgot to leave each other at the moment. In less than half an hour, someone suddenly called a soldier on the intercom. Originally, Liu master class home, via City Avenue to see an old man and was a soldier in the roadside, features the intercom said like to inform him. Zeng Bing thought that he didn’t have Mr. Zou’s telephone number. From the nearest Chengdong police station asked the west police station, and finally asked the phone in Linjiang police station. Through the telephone, once the soldier and drive the car to connect with Mr. Zou, in the bamboo friend town of a junction to find still in the direction of the city out of the old man. Zeng Bing and Mr. Zou and the elderly sent home, this time is already more than 3 in the morning. Chengdu Business Daily reporter in compliance

好心的哥对讲机接力: 八旬太婆走丢,请留意26日凌晨1点半,气温只有几度。突然,一些夜班出租车司机的对讲机里响起了急促的声音:“有个80多岁的太婆走丢了,高1米4左右,戴帽子,大家多留意下街边有没有,家人很着急……”原来,新都区的邹先生80岁的母亲25日下午外出散步,一直没有回家,焦急的家人找遍了大街小巷一无所获。邹先生抱着一丝希望求助把车停在路边的出租车司机,得知这一情况的曾兵随即通过公司对讲机通知其他夜班司机,一场寻人接力开始了……家住新都区上锦康城的邹先生母亲已80岁。25日下午,她跟往常一样外出散步,但直到下午6点也没回来。晚上10点多,找不到人的邹先生到临江派出所报案。凌晨1点多,一家人仍没找到老人。车开到了桂湖公园附近,邹先生实在太着急,看到路边停放着一辆出租车,连忙下车走过去。“师傅,我80多岁的老母亲走丢了,你们要是看到了,帮忙送到派出所嘛!”听到这一情况,的哥曾兵立即通过公司对讲机通知其他夜班师傅。两人一时也忘了互留电话。不到半小时,对讲机里突然有人呼叫曾兵。原来,刘师傅收班回家,途经香城大道时看到路边有一位老人,和曾兵在对讲机里说的特征很像,赶紧通知了他。曾兵这才想起,自己没有邹先生的电话。从最近的城东派出所问到城西派出所,最后在临江派出所才问到了电话。打通电话,曾兵又开着车接上邹先生,在竹友镇的一个路口找到了仍在往出城方向走的老人。曾兵又将邹先生和老人送回家,这时候已经是凌晨3点多。成都商报记者 于遵素相关的主题文章: