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Put in the effort to build a culture of embroidery art "cultural feast China" – public – people.com.cn embroidery as China’s traditional ethnic handicrafts, is an important intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, and promote the art of embroidery heritage is also development and protection of China’s cultural self-confidence. By September 11, 2016, in the dissemination of culture and art limited company, art network, put pictures (Beijing) Co. Ltd. Co "in the cup?" exhibition of fine embroidery art embroidery masters life in the grand opening of the museum China women and children! In the arts and Culture Communication Co., the spirit of the traditional arts and culture, adhere to the culture of the Chinese nation tradition of philosophy, master of Arts and crafts China invited experts, China arts review expert Yang Jianping planned and organized, held together in the cup? Born artist embroidery embroidery masters exhibition". From Bai Juyi’s "butterfly around embroidered flowers" to Cao Xueqin’s "hand weeding out the flowers in embroidered boudoir, embroidery beauty of Chinese art and literature creation has far-reaching influence. In China culture, traditional art embroidery is known to every family, understand. Daily life is the warm affection into the embroidery, the intangible cultural heritage is the master of fine embroidery embodies the inheritance and originality. This exhibition of 24 national and provincial intangible cultural heritage inheritors and embroidery masters hundred pieces boutique masterpiece, the collection of multi domain embroidery, hand embroidery masters in a pattern of neat silk show, fresh and elegant color, rich and elegant brilliant affordable acupuncture with art characteristics, Art beats nature. people as the acme of perfection, is art treasures a rare visual feast. Including the first public demonstration of the embroidery arts by the number of leader joint creation of the largest Buddhist works "," elegant and delicate design Chang Shana double-sided embroidery screen "," Four Seasons flower China won the Gold Award in the arts award the first screen "," Kowloon embroidery boutique embroidery master Yao Jianping creation of the "Silk Road West? Changan". From the perception of master stitch in their spiritual master, they feel for the good things of the pursuit of exquisite embroidery and stirring! This exhibition can enhance the influence of the public and domestic embroidery masters of embroidery art attention; and let the masses, embroidery enthusiasts and practitioners to enjoy high quality embroidery works; it can attract more people to learn the art of embroidery embroidery to better inheritance. This "put in the cup?" exhibition of fine embroidery art embroidery masters life is fully consistent with the demands of the era of a positive energy culture boutique exhibition. Put in the cup? Life embroidery embroidery masters exhibition is a "visual feast", more than 100 pieces of embroidery treasures, Ambilight, is also a good to hear or see; "art feast", the unique charm will lead people to taste this delicacy of embroidery art; it is a cultural feast of china". In the dissemination of culture and Art Co. Ltd. as the "cup organizers? With its fine embroidery art exhibition" life art embroidery masters under the network, put the pictures together, this exhibition aims to let the public, embroidery enthusiasts and practitioners can enjoy a high level)相关的主题文章: