Pregnant women with a baby car driver refused to open the bus driver said (video)

Pregnant with baby rides the bus driver said no security refused to open the door for pregnant women and pregnant with a second child family for nearly 6 months with prams go out, ready to take the bus, the driver refused to secure them on the bus. Ms. Han, who lives in Hankou, said she did not understand this. Ms. Han, who lives near Zhongshan Avenue Jiang’an District, is a two year old female baby mother, pregnant with a second child is fast 6 months. At 1:30 this afternoon, she and her mother with a baby stroller pushed out the door, ready to go to Hanzheng Street to buy something. They went to the Zhongshan Avenue and the Yangtze River Bridge bus station, just to have a 30 bus station, Ms. Han went to the front door brush card, please master driver will open the back door, let her mother-in-law carrying the baby car. Bus master reluctant to open the rear door, said the car more people, the baby car will hinder other passengers, but also on the baby stroller is not safe. Han said puzzled, asked the driver why not let them get on the car, but the driver refused to open the door. "It might be a bit more sensitive. I cried." Ms. Han said, but the bus or drive away. Ms. Han said that he usually pushed out of the car to sit out of the public, has never been refused. I go out to avoid the peak, too many people will not go up." Ms. Han said she saw the passengers in the car is not too much, I do not know why the driver refusing. After that, she and her mother-in-law on a 793 bus, the car is very smooth, the driver service attitude is also very good. Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter contacted the 30 bus company, the company responsible person, they retrieved the video monitoring on the car at that time, Ms. Han’s companion stroller at the back door, the driver master hair at the front door, Ms. Han explained that the whole process in Mandarin reply, sincere attitude. Because a lot of passengers inside the car, baby stroller placed in the back door, the other passengers really inconvenient to get off. In addition, the bus is in the process of running, especially under the condition of multi compartment wife, baby carriage is easy to cause the car accident. The responsible person, the driver in dealing with emergencies, although in accordance with the provisions of traffic management, attention to security issues. However, in the face of special populations, the flexibility is not enough, and there is no detailed explanation, to inform passengers to transfer fewer cars, to facilitate the placement of baby carriages. After the event, the person in charge of the line and Ms. Han and his family to get in touch with the communication. For pregnant women to ride, but also with a baby car, it was felt that this ride is not very safe. Some people think that pregnant women out of the door is not easy, the driver should be user-friendly to do a good job, how do you see this? (reporter Xiao Hao full of warm love strangers) & #183; love is an umbrella in the rain to support pregnant women fainted temporary delivery room attention Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan the two-dimensional code below concern.相关的主题文章: