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Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer has been a major breakthrough in the 3 stocks today at the soaring Phoenix Financial News in the recently held a National Clinical Oncology Conference, Jiangsu life code biotechnology limited company released the world’s first pancreatic cancer early diagnosis products, called "Yi An miRNA in blood serum of detection kit" won the state food three types of medical equipment and Drug Administration approved and registered. With the help of pancreatic TM, high-risk groups only need to adopt 5-10ml to complete the detection of venous blood, in Tianjin Cancer Hospital, Shanghai Ruijin Hospital, Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing military command to carry out the thousand cases of clinical trials, the total effective rate reached 88%, the specificity was 93%. The results showed that the symptoms of pancreatic cancer were occult, and most of them were advanced. The median survival time was only about half a year, and the five year survival rate was less than 5%. In addition, there is a lack of effective diagnostic methods for pancreatic cancer in clinic, and the sensitivity of imaging methods is limited. Because of the special structure of pancreas, it may lead to greater risk. This is a major breakthrough in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, to bring more opportunities for patients to cure the disease. Lidman, Dean diagnosis agencies recommend, Bo Hui innovation. Phoenix stocks contest today issued a cash prize of 200 thousand, 80 million months after the final attack, firm operating funds belonging to be announced! Research Report Lidman companies in the first half of 2016 operating income of 257 million yuan, down 14.15%, owned by the parent net profit of 35 million 430 thousand yuan, down 27.51%, EPS for 0.08 yuan. In vitro diagnostic reagents accounted for 85.23% of revenue, the company’s main source of income, the company actively layout IVD full line of products, through the acquisition of DESAY Chinese in-depth distribution of biochemical diagnostic market, through IDS chemical luminescence analyzer and independent product agent CI1000 chemical luminescence instrument into the chemical light market, through the Enigma ML open field responsible for molecular diagnosis of POCT- in China sales of products covered by the biochemistry, immunology and molecular and POCT technology platform, the future is expected to achieve full products more flowering. Our Forecast Ltd from 2016 to 2018 earnings per share were 0.43, 0.50 and $0.62, given the proposed holdings of -A, target price of $6 for the 15 yuan, equivalent to 16 times the dynamic price earnings ratio of 35 times. [China Securities Limited liability company] Dean diagnosis company recently released 2016 report, to achieve operating income 1 billion 628 million yuan, an increase of 100.22%, owned by the parent net profit of 135 million yuan, an increase of 52.39%, EPS was 0.25 yuan. At present, the company’s 4 main business and revenue accounted for, diagnostic services (41.84%), diagnostic products (57.24%), health examination (0.78%), cold chain logistics (0.15%). During the reporting period, diagnostic services and diagnostic products grew by 30.46% and 223.73%, respectively. We believe that the relevant policy guidance for industry leading enterprises, the company strong comprehensive strength, deep industry for a long time, we are optimistic about the company’s continued growth in the field of diagnostic services and diagnostic products performance. Expected company 20162017]相关的主题文章: