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The painter Finch  ? On the other side; "science geeks" – Guizhou Channel – people.com.cn filed Da? Finch, first is reminiscent of his painting on the achievements, the most famous paintings is "Monalisa" and "the last supper". Monalisa, the masterpiece of portrait painting, represents the highest artistic achievement of Da, and is now the treasure of the Le Louvre Museum Museum in Paris. "The last supper" the same reputation, currently in Italy Milan monastery of Santa Maria Del. However, if you think that Finch is just a painter of great achievements, it is wrong. The European Renaissance also widely read, he not only talented in painting, and have creativity in machinery, military, architecture, mathematics achievement. 60 pieces of the "the Atlantic Codex" is an original, Tsinghua University Museum of art exhibition is up? Finch’s masterpiece, which contains a robot, artillery, aircraft, cranes, excavators, diving equipment, hydraulic pump, printing machine, cloth machine, giant crossbow, automatic walking trolley, building, plane geometry and other hand figure. Unfortunately, most of Finch’s ideas of?, are on the drawing board "wasted". His design is still in use only the original is near Milan sluice. Even more amazing is that Finch’s manuscript is not just the 60. Currently known in the world of Finch manuscripts, still up to more than 6 thousand pages, covering painting, music, architecture and astronomy, geology, mathematics, physics, medicine and many other fields. Until five hundred years later, the manuscript is still full of whimsy, causing concern and endless reverie world. The analysis of these manuscripts of Finch? Can be described as "strange" and "full", and even make people suspect that he is not the popular drama "jumper". Otherwise, why would he have so many advanced thinking in his mind? The 16000 page of the manuscript, the bumpy journey Tsinghua University Art Museum 60 "the Atlantic Codex" manuscripts from all artworks, founded in 1609 in Milan ambrault Hugh library, the library collects the "the Atlantic Codex" 1119 manuscript pages is? Finch manuscripts in the largest number of batches, mainly covers Da? Finch from 1478 to death before work and life experience. As their master, the "the Atlantic Codex" also experienced the ups and downs of the legendary fate. In 1519, Finch died in france. After Finch was buried in the Da? Yuangbu gas Shengfuluolun court church monastery, his will was also released, including all books, manuscripts, art and artists on its reputation tools and portraits, to his most trusted student, 26 year old Francesco? Merz, to return to its past service and help. Merz has been careful to keep these manuscripts in his villa on the outskirts of Milan. After the death of Merz, the huge legacy of countless times by the aristocracy and the art of the competition, including sculptor Peng Lai Lai Lai Lai Lai Lai相关的主题文章: