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OLED TV can replace the traditional LCD TV? – home appliances – People’s original title: OLED TV can replace the traditional LCD TV? In the recently released several new TV screen, OLED OLED has become a highly respected, many high-end color TV brand standard. Through Tmall, Jingdong, Suning and other electronic business platform search, you can retrieve a lot of TV OLED configuration. However, from the price point of view, these TVs are high-end products, the price is generally higher. Ten years ago, when LED began to replace the CRT TV screen, LED TV is also a high-end line, starting in 2011, LED TV began to fly into the home". So whether OLED will replace LED and become the main screen TV in the next few years? The small size of the screen instead of faster from the current point of view, the domestic TV brands, LED screen still occupy the absolute dominant position, every year tens of millions of LED TV in circulation in the market, and is equipped with OLED screen TV only hundreds of thousands. Even less. In the market competition with LED, OLED is still in its infancy. However, Professor of Hong Kong University Science & Technology, OLED inventor Deng Qingyun had previously said in an interview with the media, OLED will eventually replace LED become the mainstream of the future display technology. In the small and medium size market, this replacement speed will be faster, in the larger field, a little slower. For example, Apple will use the OLED mobile phone has been a very high voice, although the upcoming iPhone7 still do not use OLED, but the industry generally believe that in 2018, apple mobile phone will be a large area of OLED, and then the other mobile phone brands will follow. In the big screen market, OLED users mainly for television. At present, the price of more than 10 thousand yuan to take the OLED TV screen, for example, SKYWORTH’s new release of the OLED TV is priced at $15999, $65, the price of $29999. This is still higher with OLED production costs are not unrelated. But it is worth noting that, with the continuous development of technology, there are OLED TV prices dropped to 10 thousand yuan or less, which greatly expanded the space of OLED tv. One of the highlights of this year’s IFA is worth noting that OLED TV is, at this year’s IFA (Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show), OLED TV became the major color TV manufacturers competing Yan field. It is understood that the domestic SKYWORTH, Changhong and other color TV manufacturers, both in the exhibition launched the OLED TV, the old color TV business PHILPS, Panasonic also demonstrated its own OLED TV products. In the home appliance industry renowned observers Liu Buchen seems, CRT era, Matsushita, PHILPS once dominated the world; to enter the LCD era, is South Korea’s Samsung, LG, SKYWORTH, TCL and China brand beyond Hisense. In the upcoming OLED era, these old appliance brand to take the opportunity to achieve stage a comeback. Analysis of the industry, the current AR, V)相关的主题文章: