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Old man with blood on the streets of Xi’an, passers-by follow two hours of rescue, the old man on the streets of Xi’an streets with blood, passers-by follow two hours rescue. The old man was wandering the streets with two hours of blood by western network (Shaanxi radio and television "City Express" reporter Feng Yong) in the street met a stranger in need of help, you will go to help him? Would you like to do that if you need a few hours to help? And in late September 19th, in the eastern suburbs of Xi’an, there were several warm-hearted people who helped an injured old man. Citizen: the earliest discovery was on the slope of spinning five road, followed by two hours." Citizen: "he should be hurt on the head, not clear."." The old man with blood on his head stopped and stopped on the road, and when the reporters arrived, the passers-by had been with him for two hours. Citizen: "they do good and good deeds. They spend more than one hour with this person."." Citizen: "worried about the cold weather, not knowing his family." Stop, worry everyone can not ask the cause of the old man’s injury. Citizen: "I don’t feel like a vagabond. You see bananas."." The reporter noticed that a few thin clothes were soaked to the old man, and a big sister came up with a solution. Citizen: "I’ll give him a pair of pants to wear, otherwise it will be too cold."." Citizen: "originally wanted to donate these clothes, just brought it."." At the same time, the reporter also dialed 110 and 120. Subsequently, the police and 120 of the staff also rushed to the scene. In the stranger’s help, the old man was rushed to hospital, but these people do not know each other, they simply say goodbye, disappeared in some cold air on the road. (Western Network – Shaanxi News Network)

老人满脸鲜血流浪西安街头 路人跟随两小时救助老人满脸鲜血流浪西安街头,路人跟随两小时救助。 老人满脸鲜血流浪街头 路人跟随俩小时 西部网讯(陕西广播电视台《都市快报》记者 冯勇) 在街头碰见需要帮助的陌生人,你会上去帮他忙吗?如果帮这个忙,还需要几个小时,你还愿意做吗?而在9月19日深夜,在西安东郊就有几位热心人帮助一名受伤的老人。市民:“最早发现是在纺五路的坡上,跟了两个小时。”市民:“他应该是头上受了伤,意识不太清楚。”图中这个头上有血迹的老人,在路上走走停停,而当记者赶到时,这几个路人已经跟他,走了两个小时了。市民:“他们做好人好事呢,跟这个人跟了一个多小时。”市民:“担心天气这么冷,也不知道他的家人。”停下来,着急的大伙也问不出老人受伤的原因。市民:“我感觉不像流浪的人,你看还有香蕉啥的。”记者注意到,老人身上几件单薄的衣服全湿透了,而一位大姐也想出了一个办法。市民:“我给他拿条裤子穿上,要不然太冷了。”市民:“本想着捐这些衣服,刚好就给拿来了。”同时,记者也拨打了110以及120。随后,民警和120的工作人员也赶到了现场。在这些陌生人的帮助下,老人被送往医院救治,而这些本不认识的人,他们互相简单地告个别,消失在有些寒气的马路上。(西部网-陕西新闻网)相关的主题文章: