No matter what happened in the eastern part of the area – Sohu travel punyu

The eastern Yadan uninhabited areas of those things – so far on the eastern tourism Sohu Yadan unmanned area the little drops of fresh, there is no signal, no network, short cut off from the world. When we arrived, the weather is good, in order to catch up with the sunset yadandemao, running all the way, finally saw the few people tread in the camp place, there is such a beautiful car there. And ordinary car than it is more like a temporary home, because there is no power, most of the cars are pulled from a very distant Delingha, when these are stuck in uninhabited areas, have to admire the good intentions. Cars are new, the inside of the facilities, the first night of arrival, we will stay here, this is another experience day that was, for the bed feeling. After a short stay, we yadandimao toward a better direction, desert and Gobi there are many uncertain factors, such as the vehicle at any time will be lost, the direction in front of similar landscapes will lost. Sunset, walk here thousands of miles away, uninhabited place, only looked at his reflection in the sun, and the deep and shallow ruts to find fun. And, like me, have been on the road feeling, posture and fan soon assimilated Gobi. Because of the time, the cart can not quickly reach the destination, we chose to wait in the middle place, other people take the sunset in the most obvious place yadandemao. In this way, the beauty of the people began to play their best side. In this era of Nei always exist, Mamali from Shandong, this beautiful girl, holding the UAV with another view of the few human spies, could not help but make a lot of men to shame. A sister as a weak woman, but in this desert easily set up a variety of elegant posture, make the next sand on touched; stupid pig sister is also a beauty connotation and attract Gobi around the number of birds and insects, with a good sauce taste all over the world together to share the mouth, isolated and uninhabited areas from us. In many field induction, I am still in the most unforgettable place left his lonely and bleak figure… The sun is about to fall, suddenly saw a bright moon hanging in the air, cool, clean and thorough, even unable to describe the scene with more words. Although the scene is not such a spectacle, but also make people shocked at this time, and behind us, with the sun is about to fall, do not know is not a mirage, or hallucinations, felt only in the distance, we are like in another world. At sunset or downhill, we again trek back to the camp when it was dark, a faint light, eat from the eastern section of the Yardang no meal delicious, rich meal. Later, our story is still brilliant, please continue to focus on! Graphic original author, reproduced please do not change, the use of commercial contact author. Make I相关的主题文章: