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"Nicholas Tse" after the return of large   front flavor; God chef again workaholic — entertainment channel, by Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong, Mavis Fan starred in the blockbuster "action crime suspense blockbuster" breaking the upcoming October 21st national release. In the days before the popular screen delicacy "reality show twelve Feng taste" in the past, Nicholas Tse subverts the image of a hero, second healing cooking warm male, capture a lot of fans sister taste buds, was awarded the "most handsome Chef" title. The new "shaking broken" Nicholas Tse once again return to action, a "workaholic" color, all kinds of dangerous challenge shots, contributed actor class performances, "Chef" turned "magic police" which will bring a surprise? By Nicholas Tse the chef’s delicacy "reality show twelve Feng taste" is the hit show, the combination of a visual and taste the romantic journey by way of making movies, in search of another exquisite delicacy and brings the taste of the enjoyment and spiritual shock, can see the "front view", get Feng taste". Show Nicholas Tse revolutionized the screen tough guy image before set in an apron, attention to handle the food instantly, second cook tenderness warm male charm, compared with the prior value not only increase, so that users who can not help but sigh: "irresistible not only has the delicacy, male god chef." And indulge in gourmet Nicholas Tse also do not forget his old line, starring in the film, "broken" will be released in October 21st. It is understood that he in the movie do not have a "front", drag racing, melee, shooting and other hot stimulation action shots, all person insists no substitute, do not change the "workaholic" character, the fighting spirit of the amazing consistent from beginning to end. In addition, Nicholas Tse and Sean Lau two men of God Biao play the same stage once again contributed actor class performances. Two people together in tracing the murder, heart gap play psychological warfare, set full of mystery paradox role, very much of the audience expect the story to tension. "Shaking broken" by Nicholas Tse, Sean Lau, Liyan Tong, starring Mavis Fan, Gao Weiguang, Shaun Tam, Cai Hanyi, Si Xuan and other stars, more Gao Jie and Sheren Tang, special guest starred in the drama of bone, Wilson Yip, Jane? Scarlett producer, directed by Wu Pinru, will be officially landing the domestic cinema in October 21st. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: