Network about the new car will be landing in Quzhou, drops driver is to stay jinshen

Network about the new car will be landing in Quzhou, drops driver is to stay? In October 20th, the Quzhou Municipal Transportation Bureau held a media briefing, Quzhou to seek advice to the new regulations about the car network society, "Office of Quzhou Municipal People’s Government on deepening the reform of the taxi industry to promote the healthy development of the implementation of opinions" and the "Quzhou city network booking taxi business service management implementation rules (Trial)" two draft at the same time I announced in the media. Click the Title View: Quzhou network about the new deal to seek advice! The price to more than 100 thousand, more than 3 years of driving experience…… What do you think? "The life of the vehicle is not more than 4 years", "vehicle purchase tax minimum tax price of not less than 100 thousand yuan, the fuel vehicle wheelbase is greater than or equal to 2600mm"…… The Quzhou version of the network about the new car and the province around the city the same, set access conditions of vehicles and drivers, to eradicate and standardize the market. The introduction of the new deal has attracted the attention of the traditional taxi industry, the driver and passengers of the drops, only Quzhou release, WeChat public number in a day to extract dozens of people’s message. Didi drivers as a direct impact on the new deal stakeholders, they pay great attention to the new deal, in the face of the threshold, is the choice of norms to enhance service capabilities, or withdraw from the network about the car team? A difficulty is not low choice problem in front of them. [survey] most of the drivers do not open "bit" and "new regulations to limit the price change in more than 100 thousand yuan, I am afraid that many pieces of our chance to exit." The new draft after the announcement, the price has become a hot controversy bit drivers. Every driver Wang said, Quzhou run by the car, more than half of 80 thousand yuan of domestic cars, most people do not run for high-grade car to drop. "The driver is required to ensure the safety of passengers, but the car set a high threshold for what?" In February this year, the public "oil" as a monthly salary of 2000 yuan, 75 thousand yuan to buy a small displacement car as a full-time driver he said, drops, drops the car full-time drivers buy prices are generally not high, the majority of less than 100 thousand yuan, while the more upscale car drops, belonging to the general use work or rest time to earn extra money part-time drivers. Reporters to enter a group of drivers to investigate the drops, most of the drivers said, will not be open to update the car. Is there a relationship between the standard car and the car?" The driver drops "small ash" said he did not drive for at least 3 years, so ready to exit, but the new requirements of the car, so that he can not accept. He said, as long as the good people, good management can be. The car is not good, the driver is not good? Don’t take people by car? I won’t be open in the future." [phenomenon] behind the new deal network about cars dilemma network about cars new regulations only trigger an inducement to exit tide the driver drops, deep web is about the car market to face the fierce competition, low income, management loss dilemma. It drops a platform to provide the data, there are currently more than 50 thousand registered drivers within the city, more than 3000 active drivers, every day to send a single amount is more than 20 thousand, the average business volume, each driver received less than 10 single day, many drivers orders difficult drops. Ping.相关的主题文章: