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UnCategorized You did it, you got in! Time to get that education and a great future awaits. Maybe you just finished high school or you have the time to finish something you started a long time ago. Either way, you need money for college. You want to know a great place to look for those greenbacks? Do you have a job now? Try asking your .pany. You can look into .pany benefits like release time, continuing ed, and tuition programs that all will provide nearly free money for college. You probably just need to .mit to stay with the .pany for a while. Most medium and large .panies have some sort of education plan to allow you to improve your skills, but many people never look and never take advantage of it. And if you don\’t find any programs? No school reimbursement programs? Even if you work for a small .pany, you can try one more idea: go direct. Take your case for college tuition and book money to the boss directly. Before you decide I\’m off my rocker, consider the reasons you may have on your side. First, you are a valued employee, right? If you leave for college with no plans to .e back, you will have to be replaced. Filling any position takes time and money. And if your supervisor can keep your experience and you can get your work done while you go to school, even part time, then you have chance of receiving some of that needed college money. Giving you tuition would prevent having to advertise, interview, or train a new person. And the money you need may not cost as much to your .pany as it does to you. The .pany might get a tax write off for helping you. And think of the benefit to your employer in terms of marketing. If you have a great education, they may use that in literature or presentations to customers. Your education could help them out. Here in my area, we have a local .pany that uses employee diplomas in their ads, to show that degreed engineers make their products. It adds to the image of quality and safety. In my case, I worked for a .pany with an average reimbursement program for college costs. I applied, my supervisor re.mended me, and I was in. I registered for school and I bought books for an all online program. I remember being so excited. But before I did even one assignment, some things started changing in my life. I had some time problems and not quite enough money, even with the .pany help. I ended up sending the books back, and asking for a refund. I lost about $200 on the whole thing. Then, about two years later, I had another chance, with a better .pany, a better program, and fewer other problems. I took it. And I lost my job. I was lucky enough to have three other pieces of the puzzle to help me that time. For one, I had lost my job, so I had plenty of time to do the school work. Second, I had a partial scholarship I could use for tuition. And third, I had a loan to fill in the gaps. That time, everything worked. Later, I found a new job with an even better tuition program, no reimbursement, 100 percent tuition paid in advance. Cool. Release time if I needed it. I was styling. The catch? I had to work full time to finish the program and .mit to staying for a year after I finished. The year passed quickly, and I still have my same great job. And I have a small loan that really helped me get through. What\’s your story? Gonna let a little thing like no time, no money, or no job hold you back? Go on, give it a shot. Eventually you will be rewarded for your persistence. You will also be very happy you made a change for the better. And what if your .pany won\’t help? You could try a different job, like I did. Beyond that, you can find other ways to pay for school. Keep looking. There is a way to get that degree and have a better life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: