Miss the grand prize of 3 billion 700 million against the 2 million 500 thousand lottery lottery Tra queer as folk

Miss the grand prize of 3 billion 700 million against the 2 million 500 thousand lottery lottery lottery crazy Transformers wearing the mask of the Henan times voted 460 times the risk of empty Lotto jackpot lottery Henan according to reports, the 1 Henan lottery Lotto 1632 additional times voted 460 times, because of the area before the Miss No. 1, the final harvest only 250 Yuwansan prize, nearly empty Lotto 3 billion 700 million progressive. In November 9th, sports lottery lottery Super Lotto 16132nd Chinese, display data the current lottery numbers were 04181922 35+01, 02, also in the current national third-prize 891 note (additional 629 note). Which only Henan won the 515 note (additional 472 note), of which 460 note for the lucky lottery. Winning the lottery lottery from the morning of November 10th, only in the past 12 hours, the lottery will be coming out of Henan provincial sports lottery center. Winning the lottery, the lottery betting number: 04061922 35+01 02, only 06 a wrong number before district. It is reported that the lottery bought a total of 4 lottery tickets were purchased in three different outlets. The first ticket to a single 5 note 50 times additional bets, a total of 250 times; second tickets for 5 single note 30 times additional bets, a total of 150 times; the last two are single 30 times additional bets. Four lottery winnings totaling $2517120. As a result of the two lottery tickets after the winning amount of less than $300 thousand, to the center to honor. The total prize winning lottery 2 million 510 thousand although many, but if the lottery number 7 in total, 460 times the additional bet, is likely to be 3 billion 700 million Lotto prize pool has empty. Why talk about spending heavily betting, the lucky lottery said "bought a dozen years lotto, yesterday this note number I favored, fancy medium, these years of investment, finally have big returns!" In a subsequent interview, expressed his fondness for the lottery lottery Lotto has long period does not fall, keep your watch, pick, over the years, gradually formed a habit, the lottery as a pastime, feeling good is to buy more, buy less feeling bad. Every day to study under the big lottery charts, with computer access numbers and omissions, the winning number, from his personal research experience. The second day to buy lottery tickets, lottery prize, excitement, quite incredible feeling: "I’ve won the jackpot lottery as entertainment, to believe in luck really, sincerely hope that the lottery business is getting better, not only have the opportunity of winning the lottery friends entertainment, but also support the national welfare."相关的主题文章: