Military training in the formation of women’s college women’s dagger and even female instructors to alienware m17x

Military training in Colleges and universities set up women’s female instructors teach with dagger dagger company "anti wolf" – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Fang correspondent Feng Liu) the day before the military training in Colleges and universities have come to an end. Zhixing College of Hubei University has set up a women’s dagger, the square before the Tianhui play a debut, quickly attracted the attention of students. In the morning, the training field to upload a loud sonorous and forceful "kill", the formation of a military training by the girls team instantly ignited on the field training hot atmosphere. The instructor and the girls cross kick, side kick boxing standing 11 sets of uniform action for water, a new military training team to win applause. The dagger show attracted a large number of military training girls to participate in dagger. Responsible for the military training of female instructors are from a certain force, the armed forces feature Dagger Knife, the project had participated in the national military training open day. "Our intention is to pick out some good physical quality of female students to learn later, considering that many students have to learn the wishes of this dagger operation, is a challenge to them, so we enrolled nearly 90 freshman learning together." Yan instructor said that due to the excessive number of people, we decided to take out the system, the final number remained at about 60. Compared with the Traditional Military Boxing project, operation difficulty, dagger style also more complex. Female students long-term practice dagger, on the one hand is conducive to their physical health, on the other hand can also be a good way to prevent wolves". From the Foreign Language Department of French students said: "I want to learn surgery because I think dagger action is very handsome, is now really has a certain understanding of the dagger operation, I found that I am more and more interested in, after the training is over, I will often practice."相关的主题文章: