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Business A calm and .posed night’s sleep depends primarily upon the quality of mattress we use in our beds. There are varieties of mattresses available in the market amongst which Memory foam Mattress has proved its superiority. Memory foam mattress is a unique type of mattress that is pressure and temperature sensitive. In 1970s, NASA developed Memory Foam for use in their space program to protect the astronauts. Paradoxically, the material was never used in any space program. In the 1990s, the product was launched in the .mercial market in the form of topper pads and then as foam mattresses. A medical .pany, Tempur-Pedic, first recognized the possible .mercial application of the foam. They examined the various versions of the foam and came out with a product that they called "Tempur". This Tempur had the property of pressure reduction. When Memory foam first came out in the market, it was known as T-foam. However, this T-foam was not durable enough and thus it gave way to memory foam. Memory Foam is made with a polyurethane material. In order to increase its mass, other chemicals are added which increases its viscosity level. A dense Memory Foam mattress reacts with body heat and consequently within a few minutes the product forms around the shape of the body. There are 3 postures in which human’s sleep- back, stomach and side. The people use more than one position to sleep. The firm mattresses are re.mended for people sleeping on back and stomach, as soft mattresses might harm their backs due to unnatural angles. Those sleeping on sides, softer mattresses are suggested. The Memory foam mattress is a .promise to both firm and soft mattresses. It is apt for all. The Memory Foam mattress is available in lots of sizes like, single, double, queen, king, California queen, California king and super king sizes. The Memory Foam has shown excellent characteristics in responding to changes in temperature and its capacity to reduce pressure by spreading the weight evenly over a larger surface area. Thus the memory foam used in a mattress has enabled to solve many problems like arthritis, bone and joint problems, spondylitis etc. The visco-elastic nature of Memory Foam mattress helps to disperse accumulated pressure points away from the vertebrae. The heat retaining properties of the foam makes pain more bearable for a patient suffering from back injuries. Thus memory foam is also used in medical treatments of patients developing "bed sores" and for people suffering from postural problems. Besides the use of memory foam in a mattress, nowadays it is also used in pillows, positional sleep aids, office furniture, automobile seat padding, footwear, infant cribs, car seats, wheel chair cushions, .puter carrying cases and many more. It has been found that people sleep well in a Memory foam mattress. Nowadays, because of the rat race people are facing various sleeping disorders. The Memory Foam mattress provides a .fortable, relaxed and undisturbed night’s sleep that a tired body desires after a day’s work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: