McDull will be reflected in the first point of the monster hit the first full exposure zibba

"McDull" will hit the monster’s first exposure point ahead of the upcoming full segment of Sina entertainment news in the Mid Autumn Festival in September 15th "McDull · rice treasure Raiders", today opened 11 cities nationwide for the first time exposure point, complete film fragments, watching movies, playing the monster in advance in advance, domineering celebrates mid autumn festival! To send you the most invincible innocence Carnival feast. For the first time exposure of 2 minutes and 40 seconds full of fragments, the earth suffered strange alien ass raid, the universe guards not only staged Superman to sausage, like Altman’s war scenes, and McDull classic nonsense lines, blood + two humor most suitable for family dramas of the mid autumn festival. In addition, the film also released a version of the city full of momentum posters, McDull and principals, new role April three overlooking the city of Guangzhou small waist, with the "alien troll to save the planet" theme is more appropriate. The 11 city point mapping from south to north the first stop in Guangzhou starting from the heart "McDull McDull · rice treasure Raiders" "11 city advanced monsters" national point, from the beginning of August 29th, has been carried out in Guangzhou, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Xi’an, Ji’nan, Nanjing, Chengdu, Beijing 11 city, let the fans can see ahead of McDull McDull little hero and his secret weapon big meal bao. The first stop of the city positioning Guangzhou, McDull from the heart, the McDull Hong Kong style and Cantonese culture do seamless, so that more McDull old friends can walk into the theater aftertaste childhood! Beijing Premiere of the terminal, rooted in the capital, the joy of the north, will be better, more authentic bag all the way to the country. You want to advance a glimpse of McDull innocence heroism? Or to buddies in advance any spoilers, and McDull together to regain childhood dreams, save the earth monsters! McDull monster hit "strength ahead look after buying" complete "McDull first exposure fragment · rice treasure Raiders" McDull has been adhering to the excellent production standards, the original film complete exposure of the first fragment, from the strange and the embodiment of justice star ass sausage "ahead of the monster hit starring Superman" the movie theater, both heroes and blood innocence invincible atmosphere show the most incisive. In the film Superman is fighting poker-faced sausage but also a "two" temperament, and also show strange ass nirvana, yiyanbuge will send Superman sausage in outer space. What will happen next nonsensical plot, very exciting! The film also exposed point to reflect the "city" version of the poster, the poster top McDull and his buddy April and the headmaster stood together on the big rice treasure, in the face of the upcoming point of the city, leaving the audience a domineering side leakage back, full of confidence to show strength in advance to fight monsters mcdull. "McDull · rice treasure Raiders" by Xie Liwen who is also the Director / screenwriter, Xie Liwen Alice Mak, the creation of the original story, Xinhua outlook, global, interactive, poly Xingbao many goods jointly produced Kowloon days, Xinhua Xinyue film, outlook issue, world gold film, China sugar heart, global alliance shadow joint issue, the film will be on September 15, 2016 the mid autumn national release, invincible innocence.相关的主题文章: