Liu Zhiyang to break the official green Niang CP because of love and Yu Yi (video)

"Liu Zhiyang" to break the official green Niang CP because of love and Yu Yi. Tencent entertainment news written and directed by Guo Jingyu’s legendary drama "mother" is hot shot, with actor Liu Zhiyang in recent years in the network drama series, "soul ferry" "dog", "big stick" and other hot yangko dance drama of the good for the first time, play the leading role played a less domineering anti Qing, Yu Yi played with Long Jizong because of love. Liu Zhiyang beam anti a new good man for his role in the interpretation of subtly malicious network drama series "Xia Dongqing" soul ferry corner of the audience was known as Liu Zhiyang, stay warm the heart of the popular image of adorable. In the "mother", he will subvert the sun in the form of playing a leading role in anti shaoqing. When the play, Shaoqing down and long Jizong intersection Jieyi, because of love. The poison killed Jizong, Ying Niang repeatedly to confession was rejected, he was unwilling to steal Ying Niang and Jizong son in prison, went to japan. Although Shaoqing is a hard heart, won the brother’s wife subtly malicious male, but also a meeting of his beloved woman, can immediately as around the finger, with the new good man pay. "Although it’s a negative character, it’s wonderful. Ying Niang feelings Shaoqing of pure play, in order to get Ying Niang, at all costs, from the beginning of the clinging to the back of the crazy, although there are a lot of despicable means, but for this woman persistent love, believe it is loved by the audience." To challenge such a full, three-dimensional role, Liu Zhiyang in gratitude, but also said it would do its best to play the role. Break the "green CP official" Liu Zhiyang Yu Yi for Yu Yi and Liu Zhiyang because of love. "" the soul ferry network drama series was known to the audience, because of the love is more interactive, netizens "Li Qing CP". In the TV series "mother", two people have a lot of tit for tat scenes. For the "green CP official" burst, Liu Zhiyang said, "based on the" CP There’s no making without breaking., soul ferry ", is playing the enemy, because I and Yu Yi Ying Niang (Yue Lina ornaments) have a great relationship, this will be the mars hit the earth," "is the soul ferry us to go to do this is the same thing, in order to achieve different purposes, do some opposite things." From the "soul" to the "Mother Road" ferry, between Liu Zhiyang and Yu Yi is also a tacit understanding. In the show, Liu Zhiyang has been the heart of Yu Yi as a model, "Yi brother is now the most charming men age in temperament, coupled with previous work to grasp the scale of precipitation, he performed very well, I believe this play will be completed well." The temperament of Yu Yi and anti Liu Zhiyang metrosexual man, will hit what kind of spark in the "Mother Road", we’ll see. "Liu Zhiyang 2" demon soul ferry "body" acting burst table相关的主题文章: