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Lin Lin: "Pengcier topic" caused by "internal injuries" – Sohu comment on this "internal", intuitive performance is hurt, a group of people, in the event center in at the same time, the media and public ridicule, people spend time, energy, resources and waste a lot of media attention, more profound performance is a tear caused even the whole society for different people and different areas. Before and after the Spring Festival, a "Shanghai girl fled Jiangxi countryside" became a hot spot in the network. In February 20th, the media learned from relevant departments, "Shanghai girl from Jiangxi rural" event from first to last for all false content. Claiming to be "Shanghai girl" poster of Shanghai is not a province, but has a woman’s mother, she’s never been to Jiangxi before the Spring Festival; then posted "Jiangxi boyfriend", just the topic of pengci, be strangers to each other with post. The news event that teases the public throughout the Spring Festival is now proving to be false and completely false, which is really surprising. At that time, post article, Jiangxi people are very care about, Shanghai people are very sensitive, onlookers also very heart. Whether the public or the media, are seriously discussing the issue exposed, and gradually restore this case to the background of the times, "Phoenix man" and "peacock woman", the gap between urban and rural areas, the gap between rich and poor topics, are further discussed and recognized. This is a bit like "wolf" story, just as people work together to discuss how to deal with the wolf, suddenly told there is no wolf, "you cheated". There is a view that although things are false, but people are discussing the existence of the problem, the event is concerned about the high, widely spread, because hit the reality of pain – how to reduce the gap between rich and poor? How to break through the dilemma of rural development? How to resolve the mutual discrimination between different regions and populations? There is some truth in this, but not necessarily. The problems in the development of course should pay attention to, but we also cannot ignore the responsibility of spreading rumors, much ado about nothing. Safety production and miners’ life should be paid attention and attention, so we can spread rumors of a mine accident? Food safety is a big event, so you can pretend to be someone food poisoning or arbitrarily slander a brand, some food illegal add? The essence of disinformation is the same, but there are rumors that have no clear and obvious stake holders. In this incident, there may not be any specific person being hurt, but it is an internal injury for the public and society as a whole". This kind of "internal injury", intuitive performance, is hurt in the event center of a group of people, some people, and ridicule the public opinion and the public, consuming people’s time and energy, wasted a lot of media resources and attention. This kind of "internal injury" is a deeper manifestation of a certain kind of tear caused by different people, different regions and even the whole society. Before the Spring Festival, a "Beijing people" and a "foreigner" in the subway each other scolded video hot network, after the discovery is planning swing. And the "Shanghai girls fled Jiangxi" incident, although the final identification of the truth, but before the truth, Shanghai people and Jiangxi people, Beijing people and outsiders,.

林琳:“话题碰瓷儿”造成的是“内伤”-搜狐评论  这种“内伤”,直观的表现,是伤害了处于事件中心的某群人、某地人,同时调侃了舆论和公众,耗费了人们的时间、精力,浪费了不少媒体资源和注意力,更深层的表现是对不同人群、不同地域甚至整个社会造成的某种撕裂。  春节前后,一条“上海女孩逃离江西农村”的帖文成为网络热点。2月20日,有媒体从相关部门获悉,“上海女孩逃离江西农村”事件从头至尾均为虚假内容。自称“上海女孩”的发帖者不是上海人,而是某省一位已为人妇的母亲,她春节前没来过江西;其后发帖回应的“江西男友”,只是话题的碰瓷者,与发帖者素不相识。  调侃了公众整个春节的这一“新闻事件”,如今被证实是假的,并且假得很彻底,实在让人大跌眼镜。  当时,帖文一出,江西人很在乎、上海人很敏感,围观者也很走心。无论公众还是媒体,都在认真讨论事件暴露的问题,并且一步步将这一个案还原到时代背景下,“凤凰男”和“孔雀女”、城乡差距、贫富差距等话题,都被进一步讨论和认知。这有点像“狼来了”的故事,正当人们群策群力,商讨如何对付大灰狼时,突然被告知根本没有狼,“你们上当了”。  有一种观点认为,事情虽然是假的,但人们讨论的问题是真实存在的,此番事件之所以关注度高、传播广,是因为击中了现实痛点――贫富差距如何减少?农村发展的困境如何突破?不同地域、人群之间的相互歧视如何化解?这话有一定道理,但不尽然。  发展中的问题当然应该引起重视,但我们也不能因此而忽略无事生非、造谣生事者的责任。安全生产和矿工生命应该被关注和重视,因此便可以造谣某地发生矿难吗?食品安全是大事,因此便可以谎称有人食物中毒或者随意污蔑某个品牌、某种食品违规添加吗?造谣的本质是一样的,只不过有些谣言没有明确且明显的利害关系人罢了。  此番事件中,可能没有哪一个具体的人受到伤害,但对参与其中的公众和整个社会而言,却是一种“内伤”。  这种“内伤”,直观的表现,是伤害了处于事件中心的某群人、某地人,同时调侃了舆论和公众,耗费了人们的时间、精力,浪费了不少媒体资源和注意力。  这种“内伤”,更深层的表现是对不同人群、不同地域甚至整个社会造成的某种撕裂。春节前,一名“北京人”与一名“外地人”在地铁里互骂的视频火爆网络,事后查明是策划摆拍。和此番“上海女孩逃离江西”事件一样,尽管最后查明真相,但真相来之前,上海人与江西人、北京人与外地人,在网上互撕,情绪对立,言语恶毒。如此人为制造地域歧视、人群对立甚至“骂战”,留给整个社会的都是一种伤害。  时下,我们时常为诚信缺失而忧虑,人与人之间的信任度下降,做好事犹豫再三,扶老人恨不得拿本“攻略”。在这样的现实语境下,有人一再“策划新闻”、搞话题“碰瓷儿”,只能导致社会诚信生态的进一步恶化。  利用网络兴风作浪,制造话题,博取关注,有的背后有推手和营销目的,有的可能是无意、无聊之举。但它们引发的不良后果都是一致的。当出名要趁早、“臭豆腐式网红”越来越多,当人们对假新闻的容忍度越来越高,那些朴素的价值观和健康的社会生态就会被一点点侵蚀和伤害。  因此,对此类“话题碰瓷儿”,恶意营销、恶意挑逗和消费公众情绪的事情,我们必须大声说“不”。对相关部门来说,每一次对制造谣言和事端者的纵容,某种程度上都在推波助澜,加重公众和当下社会的“内伤”。相关的主题文章: