Li Yingchen the mayor of London, Canada battles against the pound upward front lows-superrecovery

Li Yingchen: the mayor of London against the pound U.S. dollar index lows ahead upward again: United States that continues sideways, time has reached a week. On the daily chart, prices have rebounded strongly, but the main trend of high decline continues, and relatively wide space down. The 4 hour chart, the United States that did not erupt operation of kinetic energy of the next step, but the amplitude gradually increased, the outbreak of the market is about to meet. After 96.70 hours, the Dow highs been broken up, the United States that have a risk of further upward, but the need to confirm the strong rally continued to hit a new high. European currencies: the euro rebounded slightly after a slight rebound. Daily chart, after the previous decline, the main upward trend encountered some degree of challenge. The 4 hour chart, Dow lows support 1.1160 is punctured, the average system has formed a downward arrangement, the euro risk falling further. Hour chart, although not to build a good secondary rhythm, but the downward trend has been formed, on Dow highs of 1.1140, as long as this position was not broken up, investors still continue to hit a new low power. Sterling is influenced by the trend of fluctuations in the EU summit, the mayor of London weekend price tiaokongdikai in today’s speech. The daily chart, the average system remains repressive, although the previous rebound is strong, but the overall did not change the objective direction of decline. 4 hours chart, sub city opened the exchange rate back to the low point near the front, but due to the role of the gap, the market is expected to start again upside. Hourly chart, concerned about the 1.4230 line of support, as long as the pound does not strongly fall below this position, still need to be bullish thinking. Commodity currencies: slightly lower after the short-term rise in the u.s.. The daily chart, the Dow low support 1.3815 has been punctured, Canada midline rally challenges, investors face lower risk. The 4 hour chart, the average system keeps the state of repression. The rebound was strong, but it didn’t last too long. Hourly chart, the current strength of the show again, the U.S. dollar is still expected to weaken the risk, continue to advance low forward. Asian currencies: the United States and Japan gradually decline, but the general strength. The daily chart, the large level Dow low support 115.55 has been broken, the United States and Japan in the long-term gains challenges. Exchange rate rebounded upward, but short kinetic energy remained strong. 4 hours chart, because the average system is suppressed arrangement, the market still has a lower risk. Hour map, today concerned about the resistance area of 113.50 lines, as long as this position is not broken, still can choose to short the United States and Japan, the target to see the 111.30 line. Overall, the pound upward trend is more crazy, in addition, there are still downside risk canada. Today the important financial data and hot events: 17:00 eurozone February manufacturing PMI initial value, the value of 53.6 22:45 in the United States in January Markit manufacturing PMI initial value, the previous value of 52.4 Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. Article content only.

李映辰:伦敦市长打击英镑跳空 美加再战前方低点   美元指数:   美指继续横向整理,时间已达一周。日线图上看,价格此前强力反弹,但高位下跌的主趋势仍然延续,且下跌空间相对较为广阔。4小时图,美指没有爆发出下一步的运行动能,但波幅逐步加大,即将迎接行情的爆发。小时图,道氏高点96.70被升破之后,美指有进一步上行的风险,但目前需要强力创出新高才能确认涨势的持续。   欧系货币:   欧元小幅创新低之后强力反弹。日线图,经过此前的下跌,主上涨趋势遭遇一定程度的挑战。4小时图,道氏低点支撑1.1160被刺破,均线系统已经形成向下的排列,欧元面临进一步下落的风险。小时图,虽然没有构筑出良好的次要节奏,但由于下跌趋势已经形成,关注1.1140的道氏高点,只要此位置不被升破,后市仍有继续创出新低的动力。 英镑   英镑受到欧盟峰会的影响走势波动,周末伦敦市长的言论导致今天价格跳空低开。日线图,均线系统保持压制的状态,尽管此前的反弹力度强劲,但整体并没有改变下跌的客观方向。4小时图,亚市开盘汇价回到了前方低点附近,但由于缺口的作用,后市有望再度发起上攻。小时图,关注1.4230一线支撑,只要英镑不强力跌破此位置,则仍需以看涨为主思路。   商品货币: 美加   美加短线冲高后小幅回落。日线图,由于道氏低点支撑1.3815已被刺破,美加的中线涨势遭遇挑战,后市面临下调的风险。4小时图,均线系统始终保持压制的状态。此前的反弹力度强劲,但并没能延续太长的时间。小时图,目前空头力度再度展现,预计后市美加仍有走弱的风险,继续向前低挺进。   亚洲货币:   美日逐步震荡走低,但力度一般。日线图,115.55的大级别道氏低点支撑已被跌破,美日的中长线涨势遭遇挑战。汇价连续反弹上行,但空头动能仍然强劲。4小时图,由于均线系统压制排列,后市仍有走低的风险。小时图,今天关注113.50一线的阻力区域,只要此位置不被升破,仍可选择做空美日,目标看向111.30一线。   综合来看,英镑的跳空走势较为疯狂,另外,美加仍有下行的风险。   今天重要财经数据及热点事件:   17:00 欧元区2月制造业采购经理人指数初值,前值53.6   22:45 美国1月Markit制造业采购经理人指数初值,前值52.4 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: