Le Jia true and false cheongsam can not distinguish between the pocket of a small woman shy tutor wharfedale

Le Jia true cheongsam innocently tell a small woman shy confession tutor – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, Beijing satellite TV, "I am a speaker" third season "with the title of the big battle tonight to continue, the two group of players on the" cancer "and" artisan spirit "of the two major themes of the same PK. Male doctor Shang Jun God encourages people to "war tumor cancer, don’t be afraid", a small woman shouted: "Wu Xiuju path discrimination cancer is cancer. The second group of three speaker’s revival, craftsman spirit in Wang Mei, Zhou Xi mouth become live scenes of a master craftsman story, the most beautiful village doctors Ma Li silently practicing medicine for 16 years, and eventually became the Sichuan Liangshan the most stubborn "craftsman". And this tutorial is also quite a lot of drama, Le Jia, Lu Yu distinguish between true and false cheongsam, as well as the players show Mentor: I like you like this. Professor Le Jia came true, Le Jia was the player that cheongsam cheeky shy tonight "artisan spirit" the theme of his speech, players will show genuine Zhouxi cheongsam for the audience, please tell, two instructors Lu Yu, Le Jia came to power and touch, and have been confused by the Lu Yu Le Jia joked: "it is seldom seen you." In the "cancer" theme of the speech, mentor Le Jia for the audience to talk about a patient was misdiagnosed as cancer funny things, tell people in the face of cancer, the most important attitude. A small woman Wu Xiuju, known as "Chrysanthemum", Le Jia asked what love is in the body of the opposite sex, the little Kikuko said "I love you so", let the "spicy teacher" cheeky shy. The doctor praised God strong Daniel Wu small chrysanthemum son for discrimination against children voice in the first theme "cancer" speech, handsome male god doctor Book debut, play to their professional expertise to tell people: "do not be afraid of cancer! Follow it, coax it, but do not condone it. "In talking about cancer of the people to change the status quo. After the speech, the host Chen Ming also said: "you are more charming than Daniel Wu, because he only brings handsome, but you can bring courage." In the part of this group after the end of the campaign, and Le Jia also blew his students the experience of cancer, hope to have more people to see the speech, re understanding of cancer. Another player "Daisy" Wu Xiuju extends from the literal meaning of "cancer" to "discrimination against cancer", social vulnerable groups in autistic children’s voice, "discrimination is cancer, will endanger social cancer." Lu Yu three speakers talk about "artisan spirit", Le Jia expostulation group due to intense debate in second groups of speakers but for resurrection ticket players Wang Mei, Ma Li, Zhou Xi in the first stage. The three lecture on the theme "artisan spirit", Wang Mei Zhou Xi, tells the audience to adhere to traditional craftsmen, every rhythm ten years of grinding sword and crafted, finally to the "Chinese theme sublimation manufacturing, new high power builders". Doctor Ma Li is the most beautiful village, shocking poverty areas have witnessed since we tell ourselves a medical condition, but also exposes the production of pregnant women only in the straw. She told people in practice, what a doctor ‘s spirit of craftsman". And tonight on mission to Ma Li questioned, that the speech is beside the point, and shock and mentor Le Jia.相关的主题文章: