Lanzhou car knocked down the electric car to escape escape on the way but fell into the ditch pigeon blood

Lanzhou: the car hit the electric car to escape   escape way but fell into the ditch – Gansu channel — original title: Lanzhou: the car hit the electric car to escape escape on the way but fell into the ditch in September 28th at 8 pm, Qilihe District West Xijin village gas station at the entrance to a traffic accident, a tail number hit 5348 the red car electric car, the driver to the top electric cars speeding driving 2 kilometers quickly fled the scene. According to witnesses, 8 o’clock that night, a car traveling from east to west direction of the small red car dealers to the village of Xijin Road gas station at the entrance, an electric car will be knocked down. The driver did not stop after the crash, the card in the front of the car to accelerate the implementation of electric vehicles to the deep under the bridge, the electric car was dropped down. "Fortunately, the electric car drivers already fell down, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Witnesses Liu told reporters that the car license plate tail number is 5348. In September 29th 3 pm, Gongjia Bay Police Brigade police told reporters, on the morning of 11 pm, police investigators found in the South Loop seven in the reach of a trailer with a license plate number for the GaN N? D5348 damaged car on the road, a suspected car accident, the vehicle driver then summoned for questioning, the driver admitted my butt escape the fact. It is understood that the driver and friends in hidekawa party, drank 4 bottles of beer, after driving back home in Yongjing, reaching the road going to the village the filling stations, accidentally knocked down by a motor vehicle, with fear, then fled the scene. The drive to Yongjing Road, is a cart strong light interference, the car fell into the roadside ditch. The morning of September 29th 11, the driver called the trailer car accident was towed to the 4S shop maintenance Gongjia Bay Police Brigade lock. At present, the vehicle has been detained, perpetrators jingfangxingju. (commissioning editor Shao Lan and Tong Wang)相关的主题文章: