Jinshan District, Fuzhou, a number of residents in the middle of the night to smell the smell of nau www.k8k8.com

Fuzhou Jinshan District residents a night smell smell someone vomiting more than chest tightness living in Fuzhou Jinshan West 3rd Ring Rd adjacent district residents said yesterday micro Bo, night smell smell, smell like the smell of diesel, temporarily unknown source. Reporters noted that users reflect the time to smell the odor concentration in the day before the 22 to 2 pm yesterday, smell the odor of the district has golden coast, Park Road, No. 1, rosan David City, these areas are in the 3rd Ring Rd near. Many users believe that the smell is very much like diesel, some residents even said that after smelling the smell, there is a chest vomiting situation. On the odor source, some netizens said that the current three ring road and the maintenance of asphalt pavement is concerned, but there are users believe that the impact of a wide range of odor, and not paved asphalt. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Park Road 1 next to the three loop, when the air is not aware of the smell. According to the environmental protection department, yesterday is the residents reflect odor issue, yet find the odor source, if people find the sources of air pollution, environmental protection can call the hotline at 12369 to provide clues.相关的主题文章: