Jing Bairan micro-blog nuozha closing comments, network violence how to deal with liuxiaobo

Jing Bairan micro-blog nuozha closing comments, network violence how to deal with? [Abstract] in the face of the network violence, the star also has these attract! Eight I know miss you, is the most understand the female children’s entertainment! Little attention to the understanding of WeChat entdong get more gossip information. On September 28th, G surname actress zhuiya "rumors spread like wildfire, a time triggered a large number of users to discuss. G is the name of the actress who? How is it now? Under the netizen "deep grilled", Bea Hayden, Gao Yuanyuan, Guli Nazha, Guan Xiaotong and Gan Tingting have the gun, on the one hand, the majority of users of concern, on the other hand also suffered some network violence — even the netizen comments on micro-blog wrote: "hope is coulee nuozha, bless is gulina Karzai" so, let a person be struck dumb. But after Guli Nazha wrote on micro-blog "good wind" three words, casually responded false rumors, and fans and friends are safe. In fact, this is not the first encounter nuozha network violence, as from the new generation of 90 flowers gradually became popular, and "Tang master" Zhang Han love exposure, one after another nuozha lying gun, become a network of violent human shields, and black powder were shelling object. In May 29th, micro-blog responded nuozha also wrote some friends, she would not see a drama "sound," wrote nuozha in making others happy, is also very good, as long as you happy happy, continue to face [smile] ", but also indifferent. And boyfriend Zhang Han quickly forwarded the micro-blog said, "but I hope you are happy, your efforts will be recognized by everyone, in the network of violence in support of his girlfriend. Since the debut of the controversy, in the face of the network violence one after another, in addition to micro-blog responded false rumors, nuozha also closed micro-blog comments, the so-called out of sight, nuozha in a media interview, explained his comments off behavior: "is my personal feelings. The stage of my heart is over, everyone is growing, changing step by step. Now think, more movies, or rely on the works speak." Encounter network violence is not only a nuozha, before Qiao Renliang died, his friends Joe Chen because no time in micro-blog "to give users an account and mercilessly shelled. Qiao Renliang is the first to turn to the mainland after the development of the friends of the friends, the feelings of the continuation of the past seven years, Qiao Renliang also prepared for countless people moved to the cry of the surprise of the people of the past, for the past two years. But just because there is no voice in micro-blog, Joe Chen was pushed in the teeth of the storm Joe Chen’s agent in micro-blog, then write "love" two words, indirect Joe Chen said the state is not good. Attend the memorial meeting, Joe Chen micro-blog published a lengthy tribute, finally settle down the masses eat melon. Star as a public figure, all in the public eye every act and every move, behavior slightly wrong, can be sprayed into the sieve, and has been cautious, there may be no brain attack. The face of network violence, the stars are also different ways to deal with, but it is mainly a few strokes. Tips: out of sight? They chose to write off micro-blog a few days ago, Jing Bairan published on micro-blog micro-blog goodbye, and turn off the comment function, doubt相关的主题文章: