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"Japanese Jay Chou" starring Suzuki Ryohei will play Suzuki Ryohei River Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the Japanese actor Suzuki Ryohei height 186 cm, looks like the king of Jay Chou, was nicknamed "Jay Chou the Japanese fans in asia". At the age of 33, he wrote the impressive record, in the drama "the emperor" chef to lose weight 20KG, and for the film "my story!! "Some 30KG, now it was voted the 2018 taiga drama" situation "of the actor, 2, at a press conference, an amazing speech in the beautiful garden writers, the network caused heated discussion! The river drama is a prime time television series on NHK TV, which will invite 1 popular actors to play for a full year, and the ratings are of great importance. Aoi Miyazaki’s "" is a representative of the period. According to the "daily sports newspaper" report, Yuan Mei and screenwriter novelist Hayama Riko attended the press conference, she talked about the 2018 "Nigo Takamori", that the original description of all kinds of love, "including Nigo Takamori and Matsu Saibin’s love, family love and mentoring, men and women love, Boys Love, this year Xixiang will experience a variety of love." In the beautiful garden Paul is a popular Japanese writer, wrote "materialgirl", and "Anego", "Doctor X" and other works of high ratings, also stressed that this writing River play will emphasize the female viewpoint". The long river play has many hobbies audiences in the history of the support, adding "BL" is the story creation, so that users feel "times have changed", "hope that users expect fag hag combination" high Yan value, others criticized the "too much fiction", "history of the people love to feel love story. Will not smooth". Nigo Takamori is the Meiji politician, known as the "Meiji Sanjie", involved in the curtain down movement and the Meiji Restoration, life is full of ups and downs of drama, is also regarded as a tragic hero. In Ueno Park and he led the Samogou statue, become a famous landmark in Tokyo. ETtoday (the commissioning editor: Kita)相关的主题文章: