Ivy Chen, the girl’s face, was ruined by fashion week unfccc

Ivy Chen, the girl’s face, was ruined by fashion week? The text of the Sina column water watermelon miss are jealous of her age and the state of the girl, but she’s sad that you do not understand! The female star to go abroad to brush fashion must copy, until one hundred times in shuabing. Ivy Chen also went to the fashion week, or half a month ago, but off the spray is small enough to play in the diving competition in the very. May…… She is really The climate does not suit one. and fashion week. Mulberry show, mad increased maturity, hair grain silk is not chaos, smile to close up, the old cadres coat on his shoulders, or where the gas (Lao) potential (QI)? There is no coat near the body, wearing a little dress, to straighten up the pride of the jaw, teeth tell yourself "I write on the face with noble glamorous four characters". On a formality, let us for one of the most popular ball head shape, so as not to look old? Well, it’s like a lady dressed up for the school parents’ meeting. Why suppress their nature?! The same hairstyle, or the same formula, Ivy Chen just give up resistance, immediately returned to twenty years old! So reject the dull color, change a lively skirt? Here we are approaching in 80s, the popular actress Ivy Chen teacher. The even smile involved into stupid. Is Ivy Chen doomed to a lifetime and fashion week love (no, no love…… Did you kill? No, you always hit a pass? As long as her regular appearance, dress is concise and lively, jewelry that looks too liberal and dignified. I did not suffer a big. Ivy Chen’s teenage status was ruined by fashion week. I am also praised the thirty year old Ivy Chen lived like a eighteen year old man, but God is fair, as long as she carefully dressed up, will be honest to their age in the face, or even buy one get one, with a few years old. But if you get to know her a few weeks before the fashion week, maybe she will be given an award for progress this time (of course, a slight improvement). Yeah, she was even worse when she went to fashion week! More old-fashioned! More can not see! It was the spring of 2015, and Ivy Chen, 33, was the first fashion week. She should have taken her with her! Because the whole body is the favorite of the elderly single product, especially the hat, grandma’s favorite! Another other estimation is the mother of the idea of "wave rush wave flow 10000 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Taotao never Hugh" it was Ivy Chen’s turn to sing a song "you will never understand my pain, like during the day do not understand the black night, but whether it is black or white, you can not find any traces of youth…… Wait for the second time to participate in the fashion week, she has a lot of smart, at least not look so old, but still desperately from others to borrow clothes closet. In the end is how much do not believe they are beautiful…… It seems that Ivy Chen is very young, because of us相关的主题文章: