Interview with Liu Haoran I’m only 19 years old, just want to do a good job shiyang

Interview with Liu Haoran: I was 19 years old just want to "stamp" Sina entertainment news "I’m coming here I come!" No man, the first to sound, then looked up, Liu Haoran has boldly "splayleg" sit in the extended interview room sofa. Is still the eyes with standard small teeth crescent, the smiling face, but more than three months before the meet, seems to be a lot thinner. Before the second juvenile despot, and now suddenly shrinks neck exaggeration to play some shiver: "vaakav here are very cold!" The few seconds he was staring at the thin trousers wrapped into "stalks", thin legs, mouth: "then put on!" While Hu Luqi carefully feel shy Haoran hands rolled up trousers while saying: "that just got off the plane, also don’t know (so cold)……" Seeing that the intention to create a fashion Style and "suffer", the formal interview topic quickly leads to boot. This time, Haoran came here for a "fans Carnival" activities. "Kill the head" and "send a hug", "fancy"…… These young little meat are accustomed to the fans in welfare, Liu Haoran here is less and less, he will be a simple explanation: "because my main job is acting, not so much fans and opportunities for close contact." Moreover, although the "meat" standard, but the students have repeatedly made Flag, "become a sense of professional actors" is their own direction. Eleven two year old began on their own life experience, let Liu Haoran have a clear cognition and unique stubborn for the actor, but is just born gold 97 years young, the face of challenge problem, he would secretly music, "sly" with age Dangxia gun: "I was only 19 years old. Well! Which think so much!" Then Langya list 2, there is pressure but can not be afraid of a few days before the retreat, the attention of the Langya list of the final actor lineup, Liu Haoran’s name impressively appeared in the list of starring. Used to see him in the youth movie character in youth will have a hard time to Lang Lang, this "neighborhood seniors" with the ancient drama image together, on the other hand, for the first time in such a large volume of TV play play the leading role, whether hold is also hot friends. In this regard, Haoran revealed excellent mentality. Sina entertainment: "Langya 2" lineup has also been identified, as one of the stars, before the first has not seen? Liu Haoran (excited): of course I have! "Nirvana in Fire" was a watch, because I think the boy is more love to see this strategizing, rely on the wisdom of complete drama, of course, girls are very love Kanla (shy smile). Sina entertainment: the first one is classic, "2" will not have pressure? Liu Haoran said: no pressure is certainly true, but because I love very much, and I have seen the director, "relevance story and before the 2" is not so strong, it’s better than "1" decades later, is also a new story. And the role I played in it was actually a teenager, or a very young man, who was more like me. The most important thing is that I am only 19 years old this year, my acting career has just started, I think this time I do not need it)相关的主题文章: