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"In July and she": the mirror of life — the Fujian channel — original title: two of the two flower flower mirror of life — the movie "in July and still" concept map "film in July and still". Adapted from the Qing Shan (formerly known as Anne baby) novel of the same name film "in July and she", tells the story of a soul mate growth story. In July alone, two girls personalities, met in the young, no words don’t talk. They are more bingdilian bestie, two, flower, is another self soul. The day after they embarked on two different roads, but whether it is July or quiet, the heart is full of them for another kind of life yearning. The film is designed It is quite common for youth film "shocking" Three: grab her boyfriend, and conceived bestie. It is rare that these settings do not degenerate into a fancy gimmick, but for the growth of the characters left a deep imprint. The use of each ring plot design, each element of the conflict is not oriented human and makes people tired of quarrel, instead, they tempted, their patience, their gaps, and their emotional outbursts have become a pair of youth, to grow, to friendship, to the essence of life, is to be honest the relative – mind – why growth means losing? So, a direct question, and perhaps not to stand on the opposite side of bestie, its target is in fact another self. So try, if you grow into me, if I were you, what would we be. If the first half of the film or the real delicate realistic description of daily, then from the second half, in the quiet say "in fact that July book is my" started in July and still "exchange" life after the movie into multidimensional parallel narrative rhythm. This paragraph is gorgeous freehand, but also the climax of the film, is the director and screenwriter in the understanding of the original film based on the form of a strong sense of creative design. The film gives three endings, with three kinds of possibilities of life to break the boundary of fiction and reality, and break the July image difference turn, closely the life and growth of this theme, like symphony climax, given a soaring, and Lyric passages. The film here, there is a fly in the narrative rhythm feeling, seems a bit gimmicky, but can understand this is a drama screenwriter and director in the exploration on the theme of self mining. It tries to describe the future with strong conflicts and reversals, and describes the possibilities of a person’s life. You are in July, is quiet, there is a character of flying, also has a simple side with good children, do long to a rebel, floating in too long to return home. The numerous living beings, every man is a piece of unreproduciable leaves, who is not complicated? Is there anyone who has no disguise? The final maturity of a person is the reconciliation to the self. The film runs through a clue in the play: a girl is writing a story about two girls. This is reminiscent of the writer Zhu Tianwen’s words: "time is irreversible, life is irreversible, but when writing, all irreversible are reversible." In the end, a novel is published on the web相关的主题文章: