In August 25th the Internet financial news at a glance pretty rhythm

In August 25th the Internet financial news search: net loan law forced grassroots platform reshuffle designated 13 red line implementation of the filing system of net loan industry officially ushered in the "basic law". Yesterday, the China Banking Regulatory Commission officially issued the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities. The measures set up 13 red lines, a clear implementation of the record management system, the borrower quota management, the industry believes that the history of the most stringent net loan regulations. In the analysis of the view, the approach of the hair, will promote the platform to face the new regulatory changes brought about by the new business model, many grassroots platform may face extinction. Beijing business news] P2P net loan regulatory rules landing pleasant loan shares fell 22%8 month 24, the CBRC officially announced the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities. On the same day, pleasant lending shares fell sharply, as of the close, pleasant loans fell $6.92 to $24.52, or up to 22.01%. It is worth noting that, in August 15th, pleasant loan shares have rocketed to $35.25 from $3.35 per share, the lowest value date, there has been more than 10 times increase, the market value has reached $2 billion 62 million. The net loan home: ant gold suit said no clear A share listing plan what stocks are shares in the idea of "ant gold service stocks by market speculation, Zhejiang ant small and micro financial services group in August 24th will be the public response in the A shares listed on the rumors, said no clear plan. The rise of the concept of "ant gold service stocks", comes from a news: Alibaba holdings of ants gold service group is seeking to list on the main board of Shanghai, which may be the largest domestic market since 2010 IPO. This news stimulation, including Joincare, Hefei urban construction, due to the listed companies and the ant payment service list of shareholders, have turned the ant gold service stocks". As the ant gold suit’s most well-known business sector, Alipay in its official WeChat public number issued at ant gold clothing listed rumors: "Mao listed plans do not have it, and this is what stocks, shares ideas? The surging news: 17 city commercial bank to freeze the bill has reached the upper limit of the amount of the transaction response: the day before the news that China Merchants Bank head office recently issued a notice to the branch, request to temporarily freeze 17 city commercial bank bill business lines, not allowed to buy new branch of 17 city commercial acceptance bills during freezing. The industry generally quoted speculation that this is because this year the bill market risk too much, China Merchants Bank cut operations to protect themselves, in this regard, China Merchants Bank August 24th evening to clarify the move, make reason is actually part of commercial bank bill transaction has reached the upper limit of the amount of the transaction, does not indicate that there are significant risks related to bank management. The twenty-first Century economic report was listed on the stock market impact life insurance Ampang h recent news that Anbang insurance group is planned for next year in Hongkong for the insurance department and overseas department IPO. Because the message has not been disclosed, Ampang insurance official did not deny. It is understood that the Ampang in August 2014 had heard in 2015 Hong Kong IPO news. Ampang insurance chairman and CEO Wu Xiaohui at the fair.相关的主题文章: