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"I am the founder of" program six keywords highlighting new network founder spirit in November 23rd by the Tencent public record space, Hainan Ecological Software Park and Zhejiang TV to create the large business reality show "I am" founder in Beijing 318 International Art Park held a media conference. Tencent Inc vice president Lin Songtao, deputy general manager of Tencent open platform Wang Lan, Yang Weijia, director of Tencent social advertising Senior PR Tencent of Hainan village deputy general manager Hu Tao, general director of the program and show off the show as a team, after the wave of team members gathered for the first time, for the industry to pass the design and content of the programs. "I am the founder" is the world’s first show to show the founder of the intergenerational reality show. The two generation of a strong lineup of guests, the competition system, Teaching benefits teachers as well as students. 11 reality and cruel business tasks, Taiwan network cross screen real-time interactive reality show become an independent school in many. Dong Mingzhu, Wang Xiaochuan, Quan Ren show, Zhang Liang and Wang Kai each team back to the early pioneering heart, while the 15 new wave team after the founder of the composition of competition by the Tencent public record space, Hainan Ecological Software Park and Tencent to provide the founder of social advertising prize winner. Tencent Inc to carry out six key words "connection strategy is the founder of" I see Tencent Inc vice president and program producer Lin Songtao said in a share: "Tencent join forces to build such a business reality show, is a new step in the Tencent public record open space strategy, Tencent as a respected by the industry and company to do the connection between, not only connects people, also in connection with two generation business partners." Lin Songtao summed up his views on the founder of the six key words: pattern, mind, integrity, innovation, play, growth. Each team founder: pattern, mind, "I am the founder of" integrity in the first set, after the wave of new team founder pay more attention to the game results, and each team has been successful entrepreneurs who are conscientious, carry out their duties. Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan smile "towel"; Star VC co-founder Quan Ren as "a la carte" field study "squeeze shrimp slide"; uncle storytelling founder Wang Kai Kay play hostess". Each team unity and cooperation, respect the position, not only can manage tens of thousands of large enterprises, can also do a good job in every ordinary jobs, showing great entrepreneurial pattern. In the game, Wang Xiaochuan face from overbearing female president Dong Mingzhu "Captain" sober criticism, chairman Zhang Liang to the customer value for Luzhou Lao Jiao, at help competitor "dish", Dong Mingzhu give up or adhere to the principles of market pricing, and conveyed to the public mind and conduct senior entrepreneurs. After the wave of innovation, team play, although there is no big entrepreneur growth road, but after the wave team also show their vitality. Show second team in the backward situation of concentrated waves under the impression of friends founder Wei Zhicheng proposed "ring game" to promote value-added services entities product sales, a new generation of the founder of more innovative, resourceful in the face of adversity; after the three wave team captain: pull hook net single, Xu Amy reading Li Haichuan, Yan phlogistic jumping use the practical action to reflect the play and the rapid growth of a new generation of unique founder. I am a wound.相关的主题文章: