Humen two men rampant crime within a week away 4 gold by plainclothes targeted (video)

Humen two men rampant crime within a week away 4 gold by plainclothes at Dongguan Sunshine Network (reporter Zheng Siqi correspondent Huang Caihua Zhong Xiaoxin) two man Gang driving a motorcycle without a license, many others snatch gold necklace in the town of Humen street, four days, 4 cases of crime, involving more than 20 thousand yuan, after the public security organs. The track of personnel arrested. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Dongguan City Second People’s court, the man was sentenced to imprisonment for committing the crime of committing the crime of robbery in the two. June 12, 2015 8 am, Hunan man Sohn and fellow Qiu after the plot, driving a unlicensed red women’s motorcycle, fled to the town of Daning, Humen community unity Road, near the junction of the building trade. See Ms. Cao people cycling through, Sohn driving near the back, qiumou while Ms. Cao from its neck a hand stole about $2800 worth of gold necklace. One hour later, two people flee to Humen Town West Gate Community Square Industrial Park, take a pedestrian on the neck of about $4800 worth of gold necklace. On the morning of 15, two people with similar modus operandi to grab a pedestrian on the neck of 7000 yuan worth of gold necklace. On 16 May 7 pm, two men driving a motorcycle, Qiu sun sneaked into the town of Humen Juqi community Wo Road, to snatch a passing through a pedestrian on the neck of the value of 7000 yuan gold necklace. Because the other party failed to succeed in time to escape, two people then drove away, but the crime process has been followed by public security organs plainclothes officers witnessed. When the high-speed bridge community fled to Shu Tian near the road, two people were arrested. The court held that, sun, Qiu Gang of two for the purpose of illegal possession, repeatedly driving motor vehicles seized the property of others, the larger amount, their behavior had constituted the crime of seizing. The court according to the specific circumstances of the crime and repentance, Sohn was sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined 3000 yuan, qiumou two years and three months imprisonment, and fined 4000 yuan. [related] reading Dongguan police cracked robbery suspect arrested相关的主题文章: