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Hubei province intends to introduce farmers (free) market price tag   farms sell turnip cabbage to price tag — Hubei Channel – original title: farms sell turnip cabbage must be priced shortly after selling Chinese cabbage in farms, may also be required to use formal price tag or price list price tag. Hubei Provincial Price Bureau said yesterday, the province intends to introduce the "Hubei Province farmers (free) market price tag regulations", the positive comments to the public. According to the provincial Price Bureau announced the draft, our province food market, supermarket sales of agricultural and sideline products, agricultural and sideline products trading center of agricultural and sideline products purchasing etc., are intended to be included in the price range. There are many traders priced, including price tag, price list, price, price, price of the license plate (Book), price list, electronic display (play) cards, the table of fees, but this kind of price tags required by the price inspection agencies price departments at or above the county level of producer. If traders selling price of agricultural and sideline products, should use price price tag, price list, and indicate the reasons for the price and the price, the price, in addition, traders must do the price tag tag bit, a goods a sign, if there is a change in price or charging standards, should be promptly replaced with no price tag; not according to the "market price" and "clearance sale price" and other misleading terms; not intentionally with the fuzzy language, text, valuation unit said the price of the same product; shall not use two different price price tag or price list. Provincial Price Bureau said yesterday that the public comments or suggestions as to the draft, in the 19 days before the feedback to the Provincial Bureau of agricultural products and pharmaceutical prices in written or e-mail (hqy2004@qq). (reporter correspondent Fu Ying (Shen Jia): Zhang Pei Zhang Jun, commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: