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Hubei open selection 244 civil servants on their condition – consistent performance Beijing yesterday, in order to increase the training and selection of cadres from the grassroots level, the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the provincial Civil Service Bureau will carry out in 2016 the provincial authorities (units) open selection of civil servants, the selection of public positions for 45 provincial authorities (units) 138 senior staff and the following positions, 5 Deputy level positions, a total of 244 people selected. Among them, 22 jobs in 31 places specifically qualified for the selection of selected graduates. Applicants must have more than 2 years of civil servants or public participation through Hubei Province personnel examination network issued a notice that the enrollment selection range: provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, deputy director of the post for the county, city, provincial authorities deputy county level cadres and colleges and enterprises the same job level leadership. Provincial Party committee deputy director of the post for the county, city and county level cadres deputy. Director of the section and the following positions for municipal and government agencies have the civil registration and post in the series of civil servants and municipal level and the civil service law and administrative authorities (units) have been carried out with reference to the registration and staff in series in the post. The central organs and provincial organs located at the municipal level and the following units (including vertical management units, sent units, etc.) can also apply for the qualifications. Applicants must have more than 2 years work experience at the grass-roots level and more than 2 years of civil servants (or public) work experience. The announcement also made a detailed description of the applicants age: in addition to the selection of public positions have special requirements on the applicants age, deputy director of the post, at the age of 40 years; for director of clerks following positions, which is at the age of 35, the township deputy section level, at the age of 32 years, the clerk at the age of 29 years. No reason to abandon the exam within 3 years can not participate in the public selection of civil servants and civil service examination is different, when the candidates to apply for the registration of individual applications and the combination of organizational recommendations. All units recommended candidates should be fully mobilized on the basis of the application, the collective research. Applicants should be recommended in the morning of November 7th 10:00 to November 9th 5:00 PM between the landing Hubei personnel examination network, click on the "2016 Hubei provincial authorities (units) public selection of civil registration system", according to the requirements of online registration. Notice that, through the qualification of candidates generally do not give up. There are special reasons, should be three days before the examination to the city (state), straight tube City, Shennongjia forest region, the organization and personnel departments to submit a written application by the provincial organization and personnel departments to select the unit agreed to give up. No reason to abandon the exam, within 3 years can not participate in public selection examination. The value of their condition has not "the separation" selection examination written examination and interview each accounted for 50% of the weight. Written to implement the classification test including secretarial, management, law enforcement, financial auditing, engineering technology, etc.. The main test candidates policy theoretical level, analysis and solve practical problems, the ability to express the text and other comprehensive quality and competitive position of the necessary professional knowledge and business skills snow相关的主题文章: