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Business There is a huge variety as far as Industrial Hoses are concerned. The problem of too many can lead to confusions when selecting one for a particular application. It is a fact that not every type of Hose is suitable for every product in every situation. There are a number of factors that determine the selection of a particular type of Hose for any application. These factors are abstracted as follows: Material To Be Conveyed Hoses are used in diverse applications for conveying a wide range of materials that may include fertilizers, fuel, chemical fluids, pesticides, etc. The material of the Hose must be .patible with the material that is to be carried in it lest there may be consequences such as brittleness or stiffness eventually leading to deterioration. Considering Pressure Conditions The fluid that is pumped through the Hoses exerts pressure on the inner side of the wall. The pressure exerted depends on the diameter of the Hose and the volume it can push forward. While selecting a particular Hose, special consideration should be given to the maximum pressure it can withstand. Braided Hoses or reinforced Hoses may .prise of several layers of textile fibers or other materials for better pressure rating. Flexibility Of The Hose Bend radius of a Hose is an important criterion for selection. For the applications that require continuous bending of the Hose, strength plays a key role. Such Hoses should maintain a constant inner diameter even on frequent bending. Length Of The Hose Variations in internal temperature and ambient temperature may lead to shrinking or expanding of the Hose. To ac.modate such changes, there should be some slack in the Hoses so that there is no undue stress or twisting. Besides, there are a number of other factors such as the Hose weight, the Hose diameter, the environment in which Hoses will be installed, etc. which need to be taken into account while selection. For high quality Braided Hoses and About the Author: 相关的主题文章: