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Motivation One of the most .mon factors keeping people from succeeding is a lack of motivation. As horrible as this may sound it is true. How many times have you ‘meant’ or ‘wanted’ to do something that never got done? And how many of those times were related to lacking the ‘proper’ motivation? Exactly! Our ability to achieve success at anything is directly related to our motivational level. And make no mistake this motivation .es from within! Let’s look at a 5 step process you’ll want to employ to maintain your motivation in any type of undertaking you may choose: ESTABLISH GOALS You’ll first need to establish a ‘roadmap’ as to how you will get to where it is you want to go. Whether you want to start a business or get in shape, setting goals is much like laying out the stepping stones to keep you on the right track. Each step should take you closer to the .pletion or ac.plishment of your chosen task. Goal setting is perhaps THE most important step you can take to maintain the proper direction and motivation you’ll need. As you systematically achieve your goals one by one, the sense of ac.plishment you feel will motivate you to continue moving forward. BE ACCOUNTABLE to YOUR GOALS When you set your goals it is a good idea to share them with people who are supportive of you. The interest and support of others will benefit you in two ways. Their interest will help keep you accountable to your goals thru their genuine inquiries as to your progress. Their support for you to achieve success will help keep you motivated. Be cautious of and try to avoid people who are negative minded. They will undermine both your confidence and your motivation. TAKE ACTION You’ve set your goals and determined your plan of action but this is only good if you take action. A dream is only just that until you actually act upon it. A consistent effort towards the fulfillment of this dream is required. Consider your goals checkpoints in the course of your progress. As each is met your motivation should be.e stronger propelling you onward to ac.plish the next goal. REMIND YOURSELF of RESULTING BENEFITS Allow yourself to imagine and experience the benefits you’ll receive resulting from the efforts you are putting forth. After setting goals it is quite natural to remind oneself as to why they were set in the first place. If the benefits are great enough, and they should be, this will help keep you motivated to achieve your goals. Remember your motivation .es from within and that ultimately it is up to you to maintain it. STAY on COURSE Your goal setting is much like charting your course but like many journeys there are roadblocks and potholes we must navigate. New information may .e to your attention which may alter your course and this is normal. Be open to it and seek it out. You are simply ‘deepening’ your education which is good and will serve you well in the future. Your only concern is that your final destination is not altered. If a lack of motivation is what is holding you back from ac.plishing many tasks you are not alone. As .mon as this is this ‘chronic disease’ can be over.e by following this 5 step process we discussed here today. Suppose you want to start a business, improve your health, or find a better job. With the right motivation and action plan your chance to achieve success at just about anything increase dramatically. Isn’t it time you start getting what you want? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: