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How does the mammary gland pathological changes that do not touch bump do? – Sohu is essential for early detection of breast cancer, but most of them are advanced breast cancer. With the development of diagnostic techniques, clinical work often found some contact is not clear, but the clinical tumor ultrasound examination can find abnormal cases, such as low echo and no nodules, can sometimes be found multiple, paniced patients, the doctor also brought confusion. Because not touch or clinical nonpalpable, surgery may be misdiagnosed, if wide resection, and makes patients suffer unnecessary trauma, postoperative breast shape will change, simple and easy to cause misdiagnosis of follow-up. How to deal with the detected lesions, which need surgery? What needs to be followed? The detection of malignant or premalignant lesions in a timely manner, and the majority of benign lesions from unnecessary surgery, surgical biopsy more targeted, clinicians are urgently needed to solve the problem! Our experience is that doctors to further grasp the characteristics of malignant lesions under ultrasound is particularly important. Such as the irregular boundary of the lesion, abundant blood supply, or attenuation and calcification of the sound wave, which may indicate the possibility of malignant lesions, the need for further diagnosis and treatment. During the period of 2007-2008, more than 70 patients with breast lesions under the guidance of ultrasound guided wire biopsy were performed in our department of breast surgery and ultrasound. The breast lesions of the patients were under 1cm. Guide wire in preoperative ultrasound guided lesions indwelling fine, intraoperative along the guide wire direction finding tumor excision and surgical resection and enhance the accuracy of range is narrow, use good quality of the absorption line carefully after suture of breast shape did not change, get the patients welcome and recognition. We found 12 cases of precancerous lesions, and 7 cases of early breast cancer, of which, 3 cases underwent breast conserving surgery. Wire localization guided by ultrasound does not need expensive equipment, intuitive, can adjust the needle direction, no radiation damage, was well tolerated, high success rate, compared with radiation wire localization guided by ultrasound, and intraoperative posture, more conducive to surgical resection; ultrasound on both sides were not when the real damage, and imaging, the operation is more simple. This is more significant in the dense breast and young female patients, with the advantage of the molybdenum target is difficult to have. This technology is simple, easy to solve the patient’s worries, can find early cancer and precancerous lesions, is a good way to promote. (breast surgery Li Yanping)相关的主题文章: