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Housing cracks owners panic developers said that there is no quality problems that have cracks, crack columns post Herald News (reporter Zhang Huiling Zhang Weihua Ventura) "there is a large crack between the two pillars and beams at the entrance of the building, we worry about." Recently, Mr. Zhang Xi Pu Zhen central mansion District of Zhangzhou Dongshan County to the Zhangzhou Herald News Hotline 0596-2056315 reflect this. Yesterday, the Herald reporter came to the District 3 unit and two unit, at the entrance to see really a crack in connection with the two pillars of the beam. Mr. Zhang said the cracks have been around for a long time. "We suspect that the quality of the house, cracks so large, the house will not sink ah?" Zhang is very worried, he said, in addition, the first floor of some walls have cracks. In this regard, developers Wanchun real estate development company responsible person Mr. Xie said that the house is absolutely no quality problems reflected the owners, owners of the post mentioned is a decorative column, does not have any impact on the housing structure, the "crack" is due to two times during the construction, and the emergence of new and old concrete of different contraction coefficient. If the owners feel that the impact can be repaired as soon as possible. As for the cracks in the wall, the wall itself is filled, not much impact on the structure of the housing, if the owners have doubts, developers can specify and ask the relevant agencies to identify. The Dongshan County construction quality supervision station official said, as soon as possible to the scene to see, to determine the problem and then proceed to deal with. (Strait Herald (micro-blog))相关的主题文章: