Hilary’s support rate is not a criticism of the FBI Director Obama dump replays.net

Hilary Obama criticized the support rate drop FBI, according to the "New York Times" reported on November 2nd, the United States President Obama day rare sound, implicit criticism of the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) secretary James · of Hilary; Komi mail survey and improper handling, and said "absolutely their confidence in Hilary’s conduct". Since the FBI restart the investigation of Hilary related messages, the U.S. election adds variables. Political news website RealClearPolitics in November 2nd, the latest data show that Hilary in 3 major national polls lead, but with the average gap of less than 3 percentage points from the Trump. Another 4 polls showed a flat rate of support for the top two, while the Losangeles times and the University of Southern California survey showed that Trump had a lead of more than 6 percentage points. The use of big data to predict the results of the election 538 website update, Hilary, the probability of winning the game from the time of the third debate dropped to 67.7%, while the odds of winning the Trump rose to 32.2%, up to 87.3%. Obama rare criticism of FBI although Obama had not adhere to the FBI survey comments, but told NowThis news in November 2nd when he said: "we will not according to incomplete information, we will not act according to the leak." "New York Times" reported that Obama did not directly mention in the interview Komi name, but he suggested the letter to Congress last week Komi practices, in violation of the provisions on the investigation of injury to men inflicted by evil persons. According to the White House website news, the White House Deputy press secretary Schultz, said at a press conference on the 2, said in an interview with reporters in is not a specific investigation of any FBI. The White House will not defend or criticize the Secretary FBI, but stressed the need to comply with the provisions of the law to limit the public to collect information on the law enforcement investigation. Previously, FBI in the investigation of former members of Congress Anthony · Weiner’s sex scandal, found a new batch of May and Hilary private server related messages. In October 28th, FBI sent a letter to Secretary Comi revealed this Congress that caused a great disturbance. At present, FBI has obtained a search warrant and investigation of the mail, to determine whether they contain confidential information. After the news broke, Hilary called on FBI to disclose all the information they have, and expressed confidence that FBI will not change the prosecution does not change her conclusions. Including the Senate Democratic Leader Harry · Reed, including the top of the Democratic Party, nearly 100 former federal prosecutors from both parties, the former Justice Department officials are trying to influence the election FBI criticized. Trump welcomed the news of the resumption of the investigation, saying that Hilary can not be allowed to bring her criminal plan into the white house. Some Republicans also said that FBI’s unusual move is that the message contains something of value. The market panic election stalemate with the election countdown, the two camps of swing states compete to enter the superheating. "Washington Post" 3 reported that the Hilary camp’s online fund-raising action has reached the highest point since she won the Democratic nomination, which)相关的主题文章: