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"Hide and seek" to file 11.4 director Liu Jie suspected to sigh over the trial – "hide and seek" entertainment Sohu changed files poster Liu Jie director Wallace Huo unveiled the airport Sohu head sigh night entertainment news recently, directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin, Qian Wan starring, especially in spring and summer, Dong Zijian starred friendship, originally scheduled for the Mid Autumn Festival the suspense thriller film released "hide and seek" suddenly announced yesterday night stalls in November 4th, the film director Liu Jie released a circle of friends, only a "well" word, the suspect because the film failed to change the file over the trial. Mid Autumn Festival approaching suddenly withdraw file Liu Jie night sigh "hide and seek" trial is not over "hide and seek" movie as early as May this year announced profiles for the Mid Autumn Festival, has been released from the material point of view, the movie "hide and seek" in creating suspense thriller atmosphere, depicting aspects have a super ability, which triggered a thriller texture a large number of fans look forward to. However, the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, "hide and seek" suddenly quiet down, some industry sources said, because the film scale failed to pass the review, need a large deletion, makes the film cannot be released as scheduled. Yesterday night, "hide and seek" director Liu Jie in the WeChat circle of friends sigh, seemed to reflect the news from the side. Thriller should as far as possible to retain the type of elements of suspense and horror, but also reflects the positive energy to pass the review, the operation difficulty is high, Liu Jie’s sigh no more words, but people have to "hide and seek" the fate of the film concerns. Wallace Huo also recorded "happy camp" is not affected by the firepower as the movie "hide and seek" hero of the film, Wallace Huo is the best, he had said in the movie release, "hide and seek" is an important milepost of his career, he is also the transition to the big screen in the film masterpiece, he not only in and out by big strength, more full makeup appearance at his white hair. The "hide and seek" the changed files storm does not seem to affect the actor Wallace Huo mood, yesterday micro-blog fans to take photos Changsha he arrived at the airport, he had shaved for the drama, the generous exposed head appeared at the scene, the crowd of fans look good state. It is reported that Wallace Huo is "to the Changsha, and another starring Hailu Qin" hide and seek to record the entertainment section, two full program recording, working for the fire propaganda film "played hide and seek" open. "Hide and seek" file November 4th large scale lens or will drastically cut the film side today on the official micro-blog released the changed files posters, officially announced the movie "hide and seek" changed files to November 4th. "Hide and seek" had been "taken from real events as a propaganda point, with the disappearance of tracking maps the city life reality, triggered by the door of the dangerous symbol" and "stranger in my house" social topic, the review was released near the suspected but suddenly changed files, social horror theme the shooting is really difficult to grasp the scale. It is reported that large-scale screen shot in the movie or will be greatly cut, the film side, to retain the original film suspense and thriller temperament is more prominent at the same time, the energy of the film, showing a touch of humanity of the kernel, the wind.相关的主题文章: