Heavy rain caused Helan mountain rock destroyed part of the lower part of the new network in the pet hhh49.com

Heavy rain caused Helan mountain rock destroyed part of the lower part of the new network in the petroglyphs were washed away during the night of August 21st, resulting in a rainstorm floods hit the Helan mountain scenic area, scenic spots inside damaged rock. At present, the rescue area infrastructure and rock relics work is progressed. According to the rock paintings of the Helan cultural relics bureau chief Li Ruins Park, 21 on the evening of 20, torrential rain area, until dawn the next day. The storm brought by flash floods washed away and internal scenic rock damage, tourism infrastructure severely damaged. Likechang said, in the area of rock is mainly divided into single stone paintings and two kinds of mountain rock paintings, the flood damage is mainly single stone paintings. According to preliminary statistics, a total of 172 scenic spots in the monolithic rock, of which about 10 blocks "because the position is low" washed away. BYD reporter from the responsible person was informed, within the area affected by the flood hit the road has 23 new, but now is the location of the rock was washed to be determined and the sediment and the enclosure may have". This scenic spot is another person in charge, previously, scenic area has been built to protect the facilities of mountain rock paintings, such as the fence and tourists visiting the trail, "the trail itself is flood control, general hill to flood, can prevent the impact of debris flow in mountain rock directly". The responsible person, the mountain is too large, resulting in the flood control were all destroyed, some paintings have been washed away. It is reported that the repair of infrastructure in the area has been recovered, cultural relics and repair work will after. Statistics show that Helan mountain scenic area is located in Yinchuan Helan Shandong Lu, is a national key cultural relics protection units. Rock paintings in Helan recorded in ancient humans 3000 years ago to 10000 years ago, grazing, hunting, sacrifice, entertainment, war dance scenes of life, as well as sheep, cattle, horses, camels, tiger and leopard and other animal patterns and abstract symbols, is the study of China human cultural history, history of religion, history of primitive art cultural treasure. Text trainee reporter Zhang Fan相关的主题文章: