Hangzhou two engineering vehicles into the disaster trolley directly squashed (Figure) rosstallanma

Hangzhou two engineering vehicles into the disaster trolley directly squashed (Figure) the morning of November 4th, the number of users reported the accident Hulu: a red light at the junction of Hangzhou Xiaoshan NGA, engineering vehicles rushed to the roadside shops suspected out of control room, the process hit car. Among them, a black car was crushed, an electric car whole apart. Further understanding that the accident occurred in the 4 point 4 in the morning, Xiao Ming Lu Nga and Hulu intersection, two carts collided, then rushed to the shops along the street, cars parked on the roadside car knocked. One of the carts was loaded with gravel. A black car was almost completely crushed, fortunately, no one was inside the car. The accident caused serious traffic congestion around the road, many riders stuck on the way to work. From the Xiaoshan Traffic Police Department learned: November 4th 04 at 22 PM, a semi-trailer along Xiao line traveling from north to south to a Hulu fork, and a tiger along the route west to East driving a dump truck collided with the car after the two, the southeast corner of the intersection with the number of vehicles parked in the parking lot the car collided with a semi-trailer driver and vehicle repairer damage (injured minor injuries). This accident, black car was almost crushed, but fortunately no one inside the car, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate! So the question is: if unfortunate encounter this kind of situation, the cart overwhelming cannot avoid, how should we save oneself? First of all, the first thing to do is not only fasten the seat belt, but adjust the correct driving posture. Correct driving posture: on the train after the first adjustment of seat height, distance between the backrest and the headrest, and fasten the safety belt; holding the steering wheel, the elbow has bent, holding 3, 9 points about the direction to swap position can still keep back keep bending; in the vertical and 110° angle is appropriate; in the leg right to step on the brake pedal, the knee is still a certain bending (bending between about 120 and 130 degrees).相关的主题文章: