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Haikou fell from the second line of the new three line city? Expert: ranking is not authoritative for reference only recently, recently, a title of the 1234 line of the city’s latest division, this is finally clear! The city rankings in the online heat transfer. In this article, Haikou was once again included in the three line city. In this regard, experts said: a lot of rankings, the division may not be authoritative, only with reference." The public believes that the city was designated as a few lines of the city is not important happiness index is the most important. City ranking: Haikou was included in the three line of the city called the latest city rankings, the media said, according to the city’s strength index. In this ranking, there is no suspense in the first tier cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin. Second tier cities for Hangzhou, Nanjing, Ji’nan, Chongqing, Qingdao, Dalian, Ningbo, Xiamen. Ranked in the three tier cities, Haikou with the provincial capital of Hainan ranked in the top third. But in this list, in addition to Haikou, Hainan other counties did not appear. Reporters combed the recent report on the city rankings found that the first half of the first financial weekly released a new line of city rankings, which Haikou was assessed as second tier cities. Reporters learned that the so-called line, second line, three lines of the concept of the city originated in the real estate market. General or major indicators include economic status, the size of the city (population size, land area, social and economic strength), the city level, influence, radiation, visibility, etc.. City performance ranking: Haikou ranked tenth in the country recently, some can not stop". In September 12th, the Milken Institute released the "2016 annual" best Chinese city "rankings, index and report" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"). It is reported that the report ranked consideration index consists of 9 parts, including the 1 and 5 year employment growth rate, wage growth rate and the 5 year period, the per capita GDP growth rate of foreign investment, to explore the main factors behind the economic growth of the city. In 2016 Chinese best city rankings, Hainan two city in which Haikou ranked tenth (large city group), as compared with last year rose 7; Sanya (small and medium-sized city group) ranked nineteenth, as compared with last year rose 12. In August 31 capital prices ranked nineteenth in Haikou recently, the real estate market and the "overheating" situation has the nerve of social tensions, rising prices continued for many months. Chinese platform market prices recently announced the August 31 provincial capital city (including 4 municipalities) residential prices ranking, 11 capital city residential average price of more than 10 thousand yuan, Beijing Shanghai average of nearly 50 thousand, the average price of Nanjing 20 thousand + won the most expensive second tier capital city title. Haikou, the provincial capital of 31 in the provincial capital cities in the row in the nineteenth place, the average price of $7729 yuan, up 0.97%, up by 3.89%. Expert: some rankings are not authoritative for reference only the current city rankings, whether it was recognized by all? Wang Yiwu, President of the Hainan Institute of modern management, said: a lot of rankings, are not necessarily authoritative, only with reference." Wang Yiwu said, in fact"相关的主题文章: