Guo Huawei, Party Secretary of Ningbo University, Zhejiang Provincial Department of education direct 8l9840

Ningbo University party secretary Guo Huawei of Zhejiang provincial education department director Liu Xiping will no longer serve as Chinese Economic Net Hangzhou on November 4th reported the morning of November 4th, the Zhejiang province twelve session of the thirty-fourth meeting of the Standing Committee held in hangzhou. The meeting decided to appoint: Guo Huawei, director of the Department of education, Zhejiang Province, decided to remove: Liu Xiping, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of education. According to China Economic Net, local party and government leaders library information, Guo Huawei, male, born in October 1965, served as party secretary of Ningbo University, Liu Xiping, male, born in August 1956. Guo Huawei resume Guo Huawei, male, Han nationality, born in October 1965, Zhejiang City Dongcheng Town, July 1984 China joined the Communist Party, to work in August 1985, postgraduate degree, Bachelor of Zhejiang University management school, Tongji University master of business administration, Tongji University, management theory and industrial engineering, dr.. Associate Research fellow. 1982.09 – 1985.08 Department of physics Ningbo normal college; 1985.08 – 1986.12 Ninghai County Ocean Township Party committee, deputy director of the office of urban construction; 1986.12 – 1989.06 Ninghai County Organization Department cadre officer; 1989.06 – 1992.12 Ninghai county committee secretary Yang Zhen; 1992.12 – 1994.10 Ninghai County, served as Deputy Secretary of the Party committee (chaired the work of the government), the county Party Secretary, deputy secretary of the Party committee, the mayor, Secretary of the Party committee; 1994.10 – 1997.07, deputy director of the Ningbo municipal and Rural Construction Committee, the Party Working Committee; 1997.07 – 2000.07 Ningbo city Haishu District standing committee, deputy mayor; 2000.07 – 2001.02 Ningbo city deputy secretary, Zhenhai District Deputy Secretary, on behalf of the mayor; Zhenhai District 2001.02 – 2005.10 Ningbo city mayor (during the period: 2002.03 – 2005.10 Jinan University Master of Business Administration); 2005.10 – 2008.03 Ningbo Zhenhai District Secretary; 2008.03 – 2014.01 party secretary of the Ningbo University of Technology (during the period: 2007.03 – 2012.03 Tongji University management science and engineering doctoral students); 2014.01 – 2016.11 party secretary of the Ningbo University. 2016.11 – Zhejiang Provincial Department of education director.相关的主题文章: