Guangdong has 17 on the list! Mask cosmetics substandard list (video) antik

Guangdong has 17 on the list! Mask cosmetics failed to publish the list of the State Food and Drug Administration notice Express News reporter Qiu Ling reported, the State Food and Drug Administration recently issued a notice that the cosmetics supervision organizations nationwide, found that 50 batches of cosmetics mask illegally banned substances existing problems. The notice said, and these products were found to contain clobetasol propionate, acetate, Cu Ann Ned, Cu Ann Ned, betamethasone betamethasone dipropionate, beclomethasone dipropionate, betamethasone valerate and glucocorticoid substance. The long-term use of glucocorticoid containing cosmetics may cause facial skin to produce dark spots, atrophy thinning and other issues, there may also be a hormone dependent dermatitis and other consequences, "Hygienic standard for cosmetics" (2007 Edition) stipulates that it is prohibited substances in cosmetics. The production of substandard products, the location of the city of Shanghai and Guangdong food and drug administration is related to the investigation of the production enterprises. The State Food and Drug Administration requirements of Shanghai city and the Guangdong provincial food and drug administration to verify the situation after the enterprise shall be ordered to immediately stop production, to immediately take off the shelf, recall and other measures of related products have been listed for sale; on the basis of the facts established on the enterprise illegal, especially many in the supervision of sampling found unqualified the products of the enterprise, severely punished, until the revocation of the license, suspected of a crime to the public security organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility. State Food and drug administration also urged all localities to urge commercial enterprises to immediately stop the sale, on the shelves of these substandard products sealed, and the relevant local food and drug regulatory authorities at or above the county level. Around the storage shelves and deal with the situation, the provincial food and drug supervision departments in November 20th before the State Food and drug administration. Mask cosmetics unqualified list (part of Guangdong) 1 Guangzhou city zhuoao Fine Chemical Co. Ltd production dimension she white brand rose essential oil + hyaluronic acid mask and Tencel 7 batches of products 2 Guangzhou Huang cosmetics Limited company production of white jade snail through her dimension dew muscle repair Silk Mask etc. 6 batches of products 3 Guangzhou danxilu Cosmetics Co. the company (United States (Hongkong) kaina International Ltd. Baiyun District of Guangzhou city in 5) the production of surplus water rose terun water mask and other 3 batches of products 4 Guangzhou Eastern medicine science and Technology Co Ltd is the source of glacier water production of arbutin whitening mask and other silk products 2 batches kangcai cosmetics factory Timmia Yuan white smooth invisible mask such as 2 batches of products 6 Shantou Weimei cosmetics Limited production of La Baer Blue Crystal Brightening Mask and other 2 batches of products 7 Guangzhou Dove Cosmetics Co. Ltd. (principal: The United States Biotechnology (Asia) Limited) production Rose Tinted snow muscle mask 8 Guangzhou Lianying Cosmetics Co. Ltd. (client: Guangzhou cadole Cosmetics Co., Ltd.) 9 Baiyun District Guangzhou City Lei Ke beauty Ningxue muscle tender skating film production the new AI Lushi cosmetics factory production goldsphere ginkgo snow grass Yan moisturizing invisible mask 10 Baiyun District of Guangzhou city Arden cosmetics factory (Guangzhou Kathy Biological Technology Co. Ltd. authorized) Bao Liang skin water tender royal jelly production of the 11 film miracle repair Guangzhou Qiangbang cosmetics case相关的主题文章: