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Gansu, a junior high school to 6 children to school teacher said don’t learn the difference on Education – Sohu original title: just because of poor learning in Junior Middle School of Yongdeng Liancheng Power Plant refused to 6 children to school "is the baby learning very badly, then there is no need! A total of 6 children, all boys. I want to let the teacher give a chance, but they are not to sign up!" In September 2nd, Yongdeng Town Village cattle station master Liu reluctantly told reporters that in August 23rd, primary school and junior high school children going to school district junior high school enrollment, the school teacher who knows the first is not to give his child for the reason is that children, Liu He (a pseudonym) learning is too poor. According to him, the first day of registration and Liu River was shut out there are 5 children. Children learn bad parents hope the school can give a chance to the morning of September 2nd, a home Yongdeng County town village cattle station call Lanzhou morning 96555 hotline said, the village has three children in 2016 June graduated from primary school in Yongdeng Liancheng Power Plant in accordance with the provisions of the end of August school season, the three children should be promoted to the Liancheng Power plant the middle school to study, but in August 23rd enrollment, three children was blocked at the gate. The reason for rejection is: poor learning. Subsequently, the reporter drove to the town of Yongdeng County cattle station village, under the guidance of the knowledge of the students to find the rejection of Liu He’s father. Master Liu told reporters that in August 23rd before the registration, seven freshman placement work has been completed, he led Liu He to the specified class enrollment, the class teacher rejected them. Later, he learned that the day was rejected with a total of 6 students, they have 3 Haruki, there are still the next village of 3. The reason for the refusal of any teacher is to learn too bad on the other. School children have signed up for the relevant responsible person will deal with primary school graduates to learn too poor, junior high school teachers will refuse to sign up? With doubt, the reporter telephone contact to Yongdeng County Education Bureau, the Bureau official said, in September 1st, the County Education Bureau has received a even urban residents complained that the seven grade school teacher in new Liancheng Power Plant in primary school during the study for the poor students to the new report. After receiving the complaint, Yongdeng County Bureau of education very seriously, immediately notify the Liancheng Power Plant secondary to thoroughly investigate the matter, and immediately resolved. In the afternoon, Liancheng Power Plant high school a principal Liu telephone to reporters, President Liu said that the seven grade enrollment in the first day of individual teacher does not give students report. Because he is on a business trip, after receiving the notification of the County Board of education and student parent complaints, he has asked the school to apply for admission to a number of students who failed to sign up for. When he returned to school, will immediately proceed to the responsible person for processing. (Lanzhou morning news chief correspondent Yao Zhi reporter Song Heli)相关的主题文章: