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Fujian’s first exit 24 hours self-service service center in the new network enabled – for the public is to help the police use electronic self-help card machine card macau. Lin Ling photo Fujian first exit 24 hours of self acceptance Macau Tourism endorsement again "new network Lidengkequ" in Fuzhou on 25 October, enabled service center (Lin Ling) 25, reporters from Fuzhou City Public Security Bureau, Fuqing Municipal Public Security Bureau today opened the province’s first exit 24 hours self-service service center. Now, the residents of Fujian province (excluding the state registration) with a valid two generation ID card, all-weather any time can enter the credit card self-service service center, through self-service machines, electronic passport issuing certificate certificate of Hong Kong and Macao self-service machine, you can quickly complete the passport, Hong Kong and Macao tourism endorsement again "process Lidengkequ". Fuqing is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese, the resident population of more than 130, nearly one million overseas Chinese living abroad, footprints all over the world more than and 120 countries (regions). In recent years, with the economic and social development, Chinese and foreign personnel increasingly frequent entry and exit activities, Fuqing people go abroad (border) file applications rising year by year. Since 2014, the average annual number of immigration documents more than 17 pieces, for Hong Kong and Macao tourism endorsement again tens of thousands of people. For the convenience of the public travel, Fuqing City Public Security Bureau built "exit 24 hours in the Fujian self-help service center", "electronic configuration of Hong Kong and Macao permit card self-service machine, this type of self acceptance Macao endorsement machine" and "passport issuing self-service machine", "immigration online self booking inquiry machine etc. self-service equipment. The applicant can through the device for Hong Kong and Macao Taiwan tourism endorsement again, to receive a passport, self-service booking, query service schedule etc.. Located on the left side of the first floor of Fuqing public security science and technology building. It is worth mentioning that the service center in the configuration of the electronic certificate certificate of Hong Kong and Macao self-service machine can realize the bid for Hong Kong and Macao tourism endorsement again lidengkequ. As long as the applicant will e-eep into the equipment, equipment to prompt steps, 2 minutes to receive printed endorsement certificate. "Originally for Hong Kong and Macao tourism endorsement again requires 6 working days, now only need 2 minutes, it saves my time." Fuqing citizen Chen Bangshun is the Macao team to apply for tourist visa, just a few minutes, he would follow the prompts completed the endorsement. It is understood that the work time to the establishment of self-help service center is not limited to the working day for documents, 24 hours 365 days, all-weather open to meet part of the workers and the urgent need of accreditation personnel. Fuqing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chen Ming, told reporters that in the future, the convenience of service measures will be based on the pilot in Fuqing, according to the needs of the city in Fuzhou gradually pushed. (end)相关的主题文章: