French reminder Paris is too concentrated firepower is no longer strong except Cavani cashmere mafia

French reminder: Paris is too concentrated firepower except no prediction [Cavani] French football strengths: Leon vs Paris Saint Germain start time: 2016-11-28 analysis: FUN88 03:45 hunting ball: 3.60 3.45 1.96 first lost: 3.40 3.35 2.05 FUN88 instant Leon? Lyon last season was the French League runner up, the team was the top domestic league overlord before the rise of Paris Saint Germain, had 7 consecutive years won the French champions Lyon, although in recent years the runner up, but the teams in the background. The 13 season of the new season with a total of 22 points ranked league. The League last weekend? Leon visit to a 1-0 victory over Lille, made 2 league wins, get rid of the previous 3 losing streak, the team’s recent morale improved a lot, before this season 13 League record 7 wins, 1 draws and 5 losses, rose to fourth in the table. ? the European Champions League group phase H group to start the fifth round of the contest in the week, Leon 1-0 away victory over dynamo Zagreb, 3 points behind Seville, the final 1 round will compete with Seville for the 1 qualifying seats. With the return from injury earlier? Will Lacazette Feng recent good play, Lyon won the two league wins, three wins in all competitions, but because of the dual operational reasons, Leon before digging too deep, now the team from the top of the nice as many as 10 points, so they will gradually focus back to the league. Lakazete? Is still the hottest French back on the front will, he has scored 10 league goals, which also makes the attack to Lyon to become the League fourth team. But why? Leon record failed to further, the main reason is that after the defense desultoriness show, the face of the current round of sharp attack Paris, defense Leon need to hit twelve points spirit. Paris Saint Germain? The last two years of the French overlord of Paris Saint Germain this season 13 war has accumulated 29 points ranked third in the league, there are 3 points away from the top of nice. Paris Saint Germain? On the weekend of the French League against Nantes, the team home court advantage in the first half offensive to suppress opponents early after the break to the vast high ball grasp the rhythm of the game, the final 2-0 win over opponents. The Champions League group stage? Battle in the middle of the week, Paris Saint Germain and Premiership giants Arsenal draw 2-2 away. ? after Blasi Sergei, Cavani served as the team’s center position is, he will also deliver the goods, this season had grievances once broke out, the league has already scored 11 goals, Cavani, close to the average 1 games into 1 balls, 5 Champions League dedication 5 goals 1 assists, the efficiency is quite amazing. ? but it is worth noting that Paris Saint Germain fire attack is too concentrated, in addition to no strong team Cavani scoring points, very easy to be rivals for defense. But the team this season? The defensive end is still strong, averaging 0.54 goals conceded is the league’s best defense, this defense ability can make up this season.相关的主题文章: