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Real-Estate Before the Budget 2013, the real estate sectors expected many boosts and supports from the finance minister and the government. However the real estate sector was not given many of their expected boosts. All the more the housing segment, especially the luxury housing segment, will be more affected by the budget. As a result many of the foreign investors like Blackstone and others are planning to shift their focus to .mercial sector. So in short the Real Estate Gurgaon may possibly be .mercial sector oriented. Along with Bangalore-based Embassy Group, Blackstone plans to invest around Rs.440 Cr in the .mercial sector of Gurgaon. They will jointly buy and develop SEZ (special economic zone) land for the sum said above. The private equity major and the Indian real estate developer are expected to boost the .mercial sector in the city. Already the .mercial Gurgaon Property is noted for its rental appreciation. This would be one of the main reasons why the PE major shifts to .mercial sector. Some other reports said that Dwarka Expressway corridor, Noida and Greater Noida areas are also developing very fast. They point out that the .mercial sector in these areas grows just because of the increasing rental appreciation in Gurgaon. This, the higher rentals, might have prompted Blackstone to Buy Property in Gurgaon, especially .mercial property. Whether the foreign investment is in the .mercial sector or in the residential sector, Gurgaon has all the reasons to smile. There are many foreign investors other than Blackstone, in the area. Many MNC has their offices and firms in Gurgaon and this also boosts the growth of Real Estate Gurgaon. Along with the growth of this construction sector, the infrastructure and the connectivity are also improving in the city which attracts many residents to the area. The housing segment also witnesses an improved demand. As the government has proposed a deduction of Rs.1 Lakh to the home buyers, the demand for affordable housing has increased highly. Now there are many who wish to Buy Property in Gurgaon and settle in the city which offers them sufficient number of jobs. They are sure that they will be happier and more .fortable in the city as it offers better convenience and .fort to the residents. Anyway the real estate experts opine that the city is one of the best options of investment. Whoever invests in the Gurgaon Property will never miss out any least profit in any way. On the other hand the investors will gain better if they invest in the properties here. The .mercial sector may get a big boost after the property deal of Blackstone. The PE major is one of the top foreign investors who are highly active in the country. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: