Folding screen! Apple to more cool iPhone

Folding screen! Apple to more cool iPhone iPhone screen is becoming more and more cool. From Apple’s series of actions, next year’s iPhone 8 will use OLED screen, Samsung will be the main supplier, which also gives us more expectations. As long as the supply capacity, the surface of the screen on the side of the iPhone is not difficult. Now the United States Patent and Trademark Office picture shows, Apple has filed a patent iPhone flexible OLED display, use it can be folded in half, this is the future trend of the mobile phone manufacturers will launch next year, there should be a corresponding product. In addition, the patent can be seen in the iPhone when not in use, the screen can be folded in 90s, flip mobile phone. For this screen, apple described in the patent, the screen folding need to use the metal structure hinge, the use of nickel and titanium alloy materials. The screen folded iPhone, the upper part contains a camera, display controller, a loudspeaker module and a light sensor, and the lower half part contains CPU, vibration motor, battery, forming the overall effect is very cool. Soon iPhone will celebrate their ten anniversary birthday. On this special occasion, said that Apple will launch a special version of the arc of the screen, the screen should be on the next half iPhone.相关的主题文章: